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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Nov 27, 2008 10:09 AM Flag


    QWAK,Thought you may injoy reading this. :)
    THANKSGIVING Greetings
    by Dr Aubie Baltin

    At this time of the year when most of us have a great deal to be thankful for let us all say a small prayer for those who have not been so fortunate.

    Allow me also to repeat a few little-known details about the Pilgrims who first came to the New World to found our great country. The history books have it right, for a change, in describing the Pilgrim's first harvest in 1620 as being very meager, followed by a miserable winter. It's also true that help from nearby Native Americans made for a better harvest in 1621, which led the Pilgrims to celebrate that first Thanksgiving Feast we all learned about as children AND STILL CELEBRATE TODAY.

    Yet here's the little-known part of the story: The harvest in 1622 was another failure, to the point that the remaining Pilgrims faced starvation. Why? Because during their first three years, these Pilgrims practiced "farming in common." Or better known as “Socialism”. They were idealist and believed in equality. Each according to his need not according to his deed. The farmland belonged to the colony, and so did all the food; Portions were rationed out, “each according to their need.”

    Things got so bad, that in the spring of 1623 the Pilgrims made a drastic change. They allocated individual plots of land to each of the families and members of the colony to own outright. In turn the owners were then individually responsible for their property and for what it reaped. Hopefully you know or can guess the outcome of their experiment in private property, private ownership and individual responsibility, also known as Capitalism. The harvest in 1623 was abundantly plentiful and that was the actual year when the Pilgrims themselves set aside a day of Thanksgiving to God. In a few short years the colony became very prosperous and produced in great abundance; way beyond their own needs, and were thus equipped and in position to begin trading the surplus. They considered it to be miraculous. With the benefit of hindsight, what they had discovered was the miraculous benefits of private ownership and free markets. They were without realizing it following God’s way.

    This is the one time during the year when we should reflect on God’s greatest gift to mankind and that is free choice, FREEDOM is the only thing that creates wealth for the common man and it’s only through FREE MARKET principles can we solve our most pressing problems. At this time of the year, perhaps we might also reflect on God’s Covenant with Abraham whereby we were given the obligation of spreading GODS WORD through out the world of, Individual Freedom Individual Responsibility and Individual charity. SPREADING FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY IS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY!

    the DUCK

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    • QWAK,J4D, -- I think a DYSLEXIC pilgrum messed up NAMING the day and got it BACKWARDS.:)

      Should have read "GIVING-THANKS-DAY" -- the thanks is always NICE;) but we should accent the GIVING for maxium potential from the KARMA stand point for indiviguals and groups even NATIONS!

      The GIVING -- sets up a POSITIVE ENERGY feed back loop,the THANKS is just frosting on the cake that is shared.;)

      Giving MORE than one TAKES is similar to SAVINGS in that savings GROW and are there when you need them especialy in hard times.

      GIVING MORE is how true WELTH and PROSPARITY are created and provided for the FUTURE needs of the comunity.

      Doing as little as posable for as much as one can GET is the TRUE cause of POVERTY and FAILURE!

      One can call it GREED or the lack of concern for others but mostly I believe it is FEAR and INSECURITY projected out in action and words -- a SADNESS that lowers the ENERGY VIBRATION and invites BLACKNESS ware there should be BRITE LIGHT and HAPPYNESS! :)

      But what do I know? I'm just a DUCK and I ponder a lot.;)

      the DUCK

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      • Re: Giving Thanks Day

        Yo duck... you are a great philospher and should be famous by now. However... as it's been pointed out to me... I tend to be somewhat long winded in the opinion of some. Translating that into terms of your talent that doesn't get the attention and acclaim that it deserves... if you could come up with a more potent way of expression in a way that it was limited to maybe one line or possibly as many as two, with brevity being the key word. Sort of a 'Yogi Berra" kind of delivery. Quips can be very effective! But there are many forms of brilliance that can capture people's imagination and become renowned and very effective. You're brilliance and pondering is legent here at the KO blabbathon, but seems to go largely unnoticed and ignored by the majority. Of course you're talking to a largely illiterate and uneducated crowd on this particular forum, but it's convenient here and easy to find people to blabb with and about. You'd no doubt sacrifice many hours of fun if you/we turned to another site that would never replace this one for it's value in entertainment for the most part. I find most of it extremely humorus and to a lesser part, of much value so far as what a very few contribute any intelligibe input that is useful to the masses of mentally undernourished readers. Don't forget... RIF is no longer in vogue today. The dumbing down of America has made permanent scars of our children, due to the seriously comatose parents and school teachers that have encouraged them to forget your studies and have fun instead. Was this too long again?

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