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  • splitrader splitrader Nov 27, 2008 8:46 AM Flag


    to all.....have a great day...

    P>S> for eggs...hopefully you can find something to be thankful for today eggs

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    • Dallas 34 Seatle 9. My boys came through as planned and so far I've got a decent lead in both my games! But they can be some kind of tough.

      Yo spliter... I love the Giants this week against the Redskins to beat the 3 1/2 point spread easily. Coughlin has been one hell of a coach for them and I am giving NYG the edge to win another SuperBowl. The Jags have turned out to be a major disappointment. Maybe they are all nice guys and do their local charity work, but it takes more than nice and generous to be a wining team. The have a few years before they get there, and with so many teams and so much competition, getting there is tough to do and good needs plenty of luck to go with it. The Giants surprised everbody except the NY fans and beat my team out of a 19 - 9 season. All credit deservedly so went to a team that proved to be better when the chips were down. This year, they ran into an early turn of bad luck. All we can do is wait till next year and hope Brady can come up with half the success he and the rest of the Pats had last year.

    • well j-4..........Coughlin?sp........was the first jags coach....(came out of boston college)...and you know how well he has been loved over the last few am easily a giants fan..basis coughlin...that said tho...wayne weaver..owner of the one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet......he & jags do a heck of a lot of nice charity work in/for jacksonville....(as other teams do in their respective cities..i'm sure)

      >>anyway..Superbowl here we come...:-) need a wild card & a team i guess!!

    • great idea duckie.........cinemin? raison......i hadn't had any for few yrs...just bot a loaf of C/R at iga other day....what a nice treat..........2nd day i put "real" philly cream cheese on it.....better without the cream thinks......

      >>this morning ..had waffles with real vermont maple syrup..............haven't done that for a few yrs either.........

      >>larry king once said....(and i've adopted it wholeheartedly)......."Life is just a bunch of memories..."

    • QWAK,:) 3 1/2 hrs start to eating -- just had first slice of "DUCK BREAD" :)

      did not wait for it to cool so center was a littleto moist and crust a little hard and could have browned a little more too but TAISTED GREAT! :)

      Think I will try making Cinimin Raisen next! Should be nice for breakfast!

      the DUCK

    • Yo spliter... I thot I listed the ET zone for those games. But it doesn't really make any difference with the bad games they're putting on today. They know most people aren't really watching anyway, cuz they're either visiting or having their pain in the A.. relatives over like us, and can't do much watching anyway. But Detroit is the perfect team to be on opposite the Macy's day parade... nobody in their right mind was watching such a debacle. Yes it has to be some kind of a tradition probably some how vaguely connected to Detroit's once thriving auto industry. Don't be surprised if even that ends up getting canned very soon. If things keep heading they way they're heading in a broken and delapidated city that's going straight into the dumpster... Detroit won't even qualify as a bad dream anymore. Pick another team to root for... try the Dolphins or Buccaneers instead. The Carolina Panthers aren't that far away, and they're have a decent team. They might end up doing okay in a couple of years and give people a reason to cheer for them. I definitely did no cooking today. The wife did a lot of the periferal stuff last night, and the bird today. I am not a bad hubby though and did a lot of errands and little things while she was busy. And I always do just about ALL of the clean up after it's all over. What a great guy I am! You too!

    • j-4...too much time on your hands?? are not cooking today....altho..forgot about time zone diff...guess you could be.........

      >> lived in SE suburban detroit...from 53 to 63...trenton, mich........things sure have changed.....but the lions are still playing on thanksgiving day......think it's some kinda tradition...........

    • .... Tennessee has FOUR (4) touchdowns!!!! I'm gonna turn off the boobtoob and just stare at a blank screen and drink some cheap beer while I mumble to myself how much fun not watching FOOLSBALL games like that.

    • Yo duck... atta boy duck... enjoy your day and I know you're going to reap many well deserved returns for your loving generosity. Is that antenna big enough to get the game. I just know you're a dedicated foosball fanatic................ N O T !!!!!!! :)

    • Yo spliter... and a HAPPY THANKGIVING DAY to you too... and everybody else, especially the unhappy people and those that can't afford to have a traditional celebration.

      Those gold bars look like they're 1000 oz. bars because it looks like that's what is stamped on them. But I'm not sure from that picture. They might be 100 oz. bars judging from their size next to her hand. How many are you going to buy? I like to stick to the one oz. sizes in both coins and bars. At the price that Citibank says they're going to be worth, it wouldn't take many of them to buy a new car. Depending on how much you want to spend on a new car will determine how many you need at today's price. Gold will keep up with the price changes in whatever you buy.

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      • QWAK,Thought you may injoy reading this. :)
        THANKSGIVING Greetings
        by Dr Aubie Baltin

        At this time of the year when most of us have a great deal to be thankful for let us all say a small prayer for those who have not been so fortunate.

        Allow me also to repeat a few little-known details about the Pilgrims who first came to the New World to found our great country. The history books have it right, for a change, in describing the Pilgrim's first harvest in 1620 as being very meager, followed by a miserable winter. It's also true that help from nearby Native Americans made for a better harvest in 1621, which led the Pilgrims to celebrate that first Thanksgiving Feast we all learned about as children AND STILL CELEBRATE TODAY.

        Yet here's the little-known part of the story: The harvest in 1622 was another failure, to the point that the remaining Pilgrims faced starvation. Why? Because during their first three years, these Pilgrims practiced "farming in common." Or better known as “Socialism”. They were idealist and believed in equality. Each according to his need not according to his deed. The farmland belonged to the colony, and so did all the food; Portions were rationed out, “each according to their need.”

        Things got so bad, that in the spring of 1623 the Pilgrims made a drastic change. They allocated individual plots of land to each of the families and members of the colony to own outright. In turn the owners were then individually responsible for their property and for what it reaped. Hopefully you know or can guess the outcome of their experiment in private property, private ownership and individual responsibility, also known as Capitalism. The harvest in 1623 was abundantly plentiful and that was the actual year when the Pilgrims themselves set aside a day of Thanksgiving to God. In a few short years the colony became very prosperous and produced in great abundance; way beyond their own needs, and were thus equipped and in position to begin trading the surplus. They considered it to be miraculous. With the benefit of hindsight, what they had discovered was the miraculous benefits of private ownership and free markets. They were without realizing it following God’s way.

        This is the one time during the year when we should reflect on God’s greatest gift to mankind and that is free choice, FREEDOM is the only thing that creates wealth for the common man and it’s only through FREE MARKET principles can we solve our most pressing problems. At this time of the year, perhaps we might also reflect on God’s Covenant with Abraham whereby we were given the obligation of spreading GODS WORD through out the world of, Individual Freedom Individual Responsibility and Individual charity. SPREADING FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY IS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY!

        the DUCK

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