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  • eggsnham007 eggsnham007 Nov 29, 2008 1:03 PM Flag

    Warning to Duck - Duck !!! For Cover ??

    "Expert: Small Ark. earthquakes could be warning

    By JON GAMBRELL โ€“ 1 day ago

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) โ€” A series of small earthquakes that rattled central Arkansas in recent weeks could be a sign of something much bigger to come.

    By this weekend, seismologists hope to install three measurement devices to gather data about future temblors in the area. That information could show whether the rumbles come from heat-related geological changes or from an undiscovered fault โ€” which could mean a risk of substantial earthquakes in the future.

    "The potential for generating a high-magnitude earthquake is real," said Haydar Al-Shukri, director of the Arkansas Earthquake Center at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

    Five earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 2.2 to 2.7 have hit central Arkansas this month. Quakes with a magnitude of 2.5 to 3 are typically the smallest felt by people.

    While hundreds of earthquakes occur each year, including several in Arkansas, the location of the recent ones give Al-Shukri pause. Arkansas quakes generally occur in the state's northeast corner, part of the New Madrid Seismic Zone, where three temblors with magnitudes of around 8 struck during the winter of 1812 and smaller ones continue today.

    But central Arkansas does not have any seismic history, Al-Shukri said.

    "It is abnormal. It is significant," he said. "We need to carefully watch this activity."

    Big One MAY be coming to or NEAR 'The Ducks Nest'! Duck, Get ready to shake and bake some more bread the easy way!

    shake, rattle and roll eggs N ham

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    • "did you find something to be thankful for re: thanksgiving???? or is your glass still half MT"

      Thankful I'm still ALIVE!

      from a wanna be beach bum to the real deal eggs N ham

    • QWAK,Mikie,I have a small stock pond but it is too small for fish. The frogs love it and I can tell spring is here when the frogs at the pond talk all night long! :)

      Got a couple frogs that live in the indoor pond and river of fire and they talk at night even in winter when it gets warm enough to give them the notion.;)

      Ponds are common around here just need proper drainage and soil that will trap the water.

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,eggs,Believe it or NOT EARTH QUAKES is part of why I picked this place! :)

      Edgar Casey said it would be one of 7 SAFTY ZONES ware both EARTH activity and MAJOR upheaval problems for man kind would be minimised.:)

      There is a GREAT FAULT that runs from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to Chicago and Cacey said there would be MAJOR QUAKES so big they would have to adjust the RICTOR scale up to 12 -- top is now 9! Actualy that fault is suposed to OPEN UP and become a new in land SEA all the way up to the GREAT LAKES!

      ONE DAY the DUCK NEST will be SEA FRONT PROPERTY perhaps. I am litterly built on solid rock -- it is ANCIENT sand stone that once was the bottom of an ancient ocean even befor there were was algie living! It is the IRON in that sea water that makes the sand stone red. :)

      TIMING is every thing -- the seller thought he skined ME because I payed more than twice the going price when I bough! ;)

      I guess I just did not feel the vibration -- BEEN praticing my JUGELING so could be I was distracted.;)

      the DUCK

    • Yo duck... not to worry... as if you would... about a few small shakes. There simply not all they're 'QWAKED UP' to be! :) Where I live they're obviously very common, but not anywhere near the violent quakes especially on the west coast. There a hundereds of them every day all over the world. They can strike anywhere including the places any single person that reads these posts lives. There are minor shakes, rattles and rolls in many of those same peoples area's very often, that they don't even know about. If anyone wants to check it out where they live, all they need to do is Google earthquakes and find out what's their own area.

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