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  • investomatic66 investomatic66 Feb 12, 2009 12:56 PM Flag

    KO should increase the Dividend 15%

    next week.

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    • This is the KO board. Otherwise get lost.

    • Re: QWAK,J4D,Believe it or NOT --- I don't want more WEALTH! And don't want more FIAT $$$$!

      Yo duck???? I know the name on the post says uglyduck555, but that post doesn't quite sound like something the real duck would say!!!

      That's because the real duck has always espoused his undeniable generosity. He always shares his wealth/possessions with those in need. So I am aghast at the real duck talking like that!!!?

      I'm sure the real duck doesn't NEED more of anything because of all the reasons of self suffiency and natural repleneshing of mother natures gifts to a wonderful and normally generous man.

      The problem I find with THAT particular response and wondering if that comes from the real uglyduck555 and not some imposter is... if the duck were to make such a generous sacrifice that could turn the ducknest into a fiat money making machine... then wouldn't it follow that even having a windfall of fiat money could easily be turned into the means of feeding untold numbers of less fortunate people, along with the purchasing of more gold and silver that HE doesn't need, but that could be given to those same less fortunate people that could be saved by a windfall to THEM through the unselfishness of the duck.

      But that post by the person using the duck's pseudonym suggests a person who's fully satisfied with his own comfortable niche and not willing to grow the largesse of others that don't share the means or ability to do that kind of life saving undertaking for themselves!!

      Why would that be wrong if it weren't in the interest of the duck, but in the interest of the poor? Not that the idea isn't a stretch of anyone's imagination of actually becoming reality... it's the THOUGHT for others that counts. During the recent freeze that disabled all the basics for needy people in the duck's neighborood, the real duck gave of himself unselfishly and told the world about how good he felt for having the means to help others. Through the fruits of the real duck's labor he saved some of his neighbors through his generous and unselfish sharing of himself and his abundance of food. Without fiat money that couldn't have been done. God bless the duck.

    • QWAK,J4D,Believe it or NOT --- I don't want more WEALTH! And don't want more FIAT $$$$!

      I got more TREES than I can cut up and BURN to stay warm and they constently replenish them selves --- so WHY would I need more WORTHLESS PAPER? It don't burn that good and 99.99% of all $$$ are just computer notations and they just DISAPEAR and don't burn at all!

      I have decided that CONVENTIONAL THINKING (which is realy NOT THINKING) is just GREED painted as diferent COLOR! :(

      Untill people CHANGE there THINKING or lack there of --- they will be unable to percieve the actual cause of there economic problems AND most other problems TOO -- as it is ALL related!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,day.old_don...,just got to TRY harder and be a little CREATIVE! ;) Every one has somthing to CONTRIBUTE! :)

      the DUCK

    • Bit hard on the dial-up amongst you, Duckers.

    • QWAK,day.old_don...,we are ALL on the TITANIC and the SHIP is SINKING --- fiew got seats in the LIFE BOATS and can't they SWIM like a DUCK.

      I do what I can to help others PREPARE -- that is the best I can do. :)

      IF you feel the BOAT rocking then perhaps you will injoy this. ;) ?

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,day.old_don...,How about a box to put them in?;)

      Personaly I am an "out side the box DUCK" but that's just ME being ME! :)

      the DUCK

    • You turning out to be right useful, I don't suppose you got a good source for Runner ducks????

    • Now that's real nice. Handy. found me a source of 'mines' signs...we got bear hunters just don't pay attention to much, hereabouts.
      No end of what useful info one can learn on these boards!!

    • QWAK,Here is the USED BODY BAG -- looks just the SAME and probably don't SMELL all that bad and YOU save 10 bucks!;)

      IF more people had there OWN BODY BAGS it would SAVE the GOVERNMENT MILLIONS -- perhaps even BILLIONS --- and it would also be SO much MORE conciderate for NOT leaving a BIG MESS for some one else to clean up! :)

      "CHANGE some people can LIVE with" -- the ones who will STACK the BODIES!

      The DEAD won't care if the bag is NEW or USED!

      the dUCK

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