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  • mrsippi05 mrsippi05 Mar 15, 2009 2:12 PM Flag

    Duck Banned @ GIM ? - Say it Ain't So Duck !

    That feud with da1984 looks like a duzzy Duck. Maybe you shouldn't have called him a brain damaged horses ass?

    Or posting that family guy skit with the horse peeing in the house?

    Duck, when will they let you back posting into the GIM message board?

    Good thing they're a little more liberal here or most of has would have been banned long ago.

    Good luck Duck cause I know you got a lotta friends there.

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    • I have been associated with outstanding human beings who happened to be lawyers but, as a general rule and as a group, I share your view.

      They add to the crap portion of the human condition--


    • QWAK,dawnisbreak...,The goal of ALL forms of GOVERNMENT is to create a functioning system ware indiviguals become COGS in WHEELS and OTHERS make the CHOICES for them!

      LAWYERS are the ones who PROFIT MOST and DESIGN and constently REFINE the DESIGN of that SYSTEM and over TIME --- STRIP AWAY virtualy ALL FREEDOM from the "indivigual entities" reducing them to SLAVE LABOR at ALL levels of that SYSTEM so that the SYSTEM/BUROCRACY will continue to FUNCTION and GROW and EXPAND!

      At all levels of "authority" (?) in all governing systems --- there is PLAUSABLE deniability and abdication of RESPONCIBILITY for any and ALL actions taken as it was --- "ORDERS from ABOVE" and "I did not KNOW" which FAUSTERS and incourages ABUSE and FRAUD and what ever EXPLOITATION of the RULES they make or can be IMAGINED -- to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the GOVERNED! :(

      Like ALL of US -- LAWYERS are TOOLS or PARTS of a system that FUNCTIONS on such a large SCALE that even the LAWIERS are mostly OBLIVIOUS of IT and are UNAWAIR and or DON'T care -- because IT gives THEM a GREAT ADVANTAGE with in a CORRUPTED system that they "the LAWYERS" are awair of and they INJOY that ADVANTAGE with in the system.

      Not any diferent than COPS who break the LAW because THEY see them selves AS the LAW or at least the INTERPITERS of the LAWS,as is the case of LAWYERS who both interpit and wright/create the laws.

      What is happening with the AIG bonuses right NOW is just a more OBVIOUS example! :)

      the DUCK


      The DOG wants me to GO HOME too -- says he loves me but a FELLA got to have his own place --- and HIS dog house AINT ware IT is AT! :) HE HE HE

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,Lots of CRAZIES out there ROLLING DICE!

      The DUCK

    • QWAK,jaima1000,Some people are just CRAZY and love to ROLL the DICE and HOPE it don't come up SNAKE EYES! Go FIGURE!;)

      Some people I know EVEN keep RAZOR BACK HOGS as PETS!

      They are the ones I got my CAT from! But she is NICE she has a new FUN GAME TOO.

      It is called "HIDE the KITTENS" and let the DUCK find them-- its loads of FUN! HE HE HE

      I want to go HOME!!! :)

      the DUCK

    • Duck, you found a flamer over here ..LOL

      Soon your banishment will ne over and you can return to the land where everyone speaks Duck..

      To the Ducks flamer.. just because we are paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get us..

    • QWAK,jaima1000,mrsippi, You ask WHAT I see or INVISION?

      mrsippi asks what I look like --- how I apper?

      HUMmmmmmmmmmm When I say I am just a DUCK -- it may sound SILLY but WE all see from the PERSPECTIVE of ware we are in our MINDS and project our THOUGHTS in to REALITY -- even if that REALITY is more IMAGINED or can only be described form IMMIGES others have used befor and WE have ASIMILATED!

      LONG befor I became the UGLY DUCK --- I was known as the WARLOCK and I realy did bring down HELL FIRE on PEOPLE -- it was MY JOB -- I did not like that JOB -- in fact IT made me a little CRAZY and I refused to do IT any more!

      I much prefer being seen/percieved as a DUCK but it is for OTHERS to decide how THEY chose to SEE or percieve ME -- I can only me ME and do my BEST to share what I percieve to be TRUTH and the GREATER REALITY.

      You can and SHOULD decide for your selves WHAT is TRUTH and what is REAL because THAT is ALL that truely MATTERS and it determins WHAT and HOW --- YOU will PROJECT in to the REALITY of YOUR futures and every one elses FUTURES -- what WILL BE --- IT is CUMULITIVE and EACH contributes to the ALL! :)

      Changing the FUTURE is as EASY as CHANGING your MIND!!:)

      Just DO IT -- just LIVE IT -- DO IT NOW and KNOW/BELIEVE that IT will and DOES make a DIFERENCE!

      THAT is in YOUR POWER to DO and NO ONE -- not even GOD can take IT from YOU --- BUT you CAN surender your FREE WILL and FREE CHOICE and THEN -- OTHERS will DO IT for and TO YOU! :(

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,jaima1000,You noticed that TOO did you.;) Harder for me to talk with out them! Thursday at 5:00 the mods unlock the door and I can come HOME!! :) I love the DOG HOUSE, but GIM is WAY way BETTER! LOL :)

      As for what I percieve coming -- SAME thing I been preping for since 73 when I got out of the ARMY only -- IT IS HERE -- not just COMING some day! :(

      Things will fall apart like one of my old cars but on a GLOBAL SCALE and parts can NOT be found to repair what breaks.

      Got to JERRY RIG as much as posable in every way IMAGINABLE to just keep ROLLING!

      Never knowing WHAT will break NEXT but KNOWING every thing -- every part is esencialy WORN OUT and subject to FAILUER at any moment!

      Just GOT to KEEP rolling --EVEN IF the CAR is reduced to a WHEELE BERREL with every thing you STILL own INSIDE!

      THAT is what I see coming or feel/sence what ever way one choses to percieve IT!

      THE GOOD part is that OUT of such EXTREAMS comes NEW IDEAS -- new CONCEPTS and it FORCES CREATIVITY out of LAZY MINDS!:)

      IT is NEVER realy OVER -- THINGS just CHANGE!

      "ALL is ONE" seems the OBVIOUS solution to Me but THEN -- I'm just A DUCK! ;)

      Tell ever one at GIM I miss them!

      BTW: If you like you can share a link to this yahoo thread -- if you think any on back HOME would be interisted in reading it?

      the DUCK

    • Hey Duck... there seems to be a serious absence of emotion icons over here.. :(

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