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  • mogambona mogambona Jul 28, 2009 3:56 PM Flag

    Let's get rid of that 2 timing Liberal Mark Sanford!

    These Libirils are ruining our country!!!!!

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    • That's unbelievable Fox labeled Sanford a Democrat! LOL!

    • Isn't he a Republican?

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      • Re: Isn't he a Republican?

        Yo moeko... or whatever. He sure IS! You nailed him alright, but you forgot to mention he really should run for president instead. He's following right in the exact footsteps of one or the dumbocrats most worshiped womanizers... Bill Clinton!!!!! Know anymore womanizing republicrats that should be hung in effigy? They should all swing side by side according to their party. Eh? I couldn't begin to name the long list from both disgusting parties that were cheating on their wives. I hate to say it now, but I voted for Kennedy and he was one of the most notorious cheaters who ever sat in the Oral Offic. Not that there's anything wrong with it... depending on whose ox is being gored. You're not much of a poster are you? Maybe you should try agian. Take another dumbocrat cheap shot at another stiff. Show us how stupid America really is, according to Bill Maher, another one of those meatheads with plenty of room to put his foot in that big mouth of his. He and BO are having a great time making fools of themselves lately. I have a pretty good idea they think it's the way to go. I don't mind, as long as BO's rating keep heading south. I'll even take another dumbocrat... anyone of them couldn't be as stupid as BO! You picked him, so you're responsible and we can blame people like you. Just think... it gets worse from here on, until the bitter collapse of another failure in the WH. BO just might beat out Jimmy Carter for the worst president of all time! I'd like to encourage you to smile, but it's just not time for that yet. Wait about ten more years before it's time for smiles and a new beginning. :(

      • Not according to the liars over at Fox! LOL!

    • Beware - Media Matters is a Communist/Marxist Entity

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