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  • coffeesnufff coffeesnufff Jul 31, 2009 9:17 AM Flag

    Bush & Co. spends from 5 trillion on Operation Iraqi Freedom

    Consider the costs so far...
    $4,681 per household.
    $1,721 per person.
    $341.4 million per day.
    Halliburton earns billions!

    This money could have been spent in the U.S.
    You fiscal conservative's must be really upset.
    Where is the outrage?

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    • Who ever is in the white house Democrat or Republican they will follow the same strategy and now that happens to keep our troops deployed in the middle east to police it. To much money to be made by the money men and the guys who are their puppets. That is why Obama is not going to stop it like he promised. That is why Clinton had our troops deployed all over and fought in Bosnia. We need our troops home. We don't need to be spend billions in policing. Just make the threat, just like after 28 Saudi's were involved in 9/11, if you hit us like that again you got 2 weeks to get out of Meca. This will only use 1 big bomb.

    • mad dog azz alfalfa sayd > your burgeoning personality disorder, just like the Dwuck's, will prevent you from recognizing the facts. You, the Dwuck and Dummy need a boogey man to jmustify your unhappiness <

      just maybee mad dog dey izz unhappy that our once great nation is being taKen over by socializts or worse

      how many patriotiK soldiers died thinKing they were fighting for the Kauze of freedom

      but under obamo that freedom is slipping away as we turn into a socializtic/fashiztic non-demoKracy

      figures ur happy mad dog alfalfa

      just wait until u r put on a waiting list for medical diagnostics while ur medical condition deteriorates

      wait till u mad dog azz alfalfa get consuling for 'end of life care' after a burocrat deems u too expense to save

    • Alpha, as I don't keep holding my hand out for Govt freebies as you do, pls don't say I do.

      As for why we are in recession, it is predominately driven by piss poor Govt policy and regulation - issues that have been with us since Reagan with each 2-3 year visiting hiccup getting an ever larger dose of "free money".

      We are now in terminal phase, as Obama has drunk the KoolAid big time, with the biggest freebie money giveaway in world history. He has even made is fashionable - just look at the clunker program that is about to go on steriods.

      Alpha, you have no historical background to support your arguments of stimulus like we are doing. Sure it is new in its immensity, but it is not new in its application. Saying it "works" is not proving doing nothing would not have worked. Saying dropping money out of helicopters is good, because you view short term as the only term, doesn't mean we don't get a new more devastating negative impact a short few years later.

      Alpha, our 2-3 decade of reacting to ever increasing economic implosions needs different medicine - quite possibly a placebo. We haven't flushed the bad actors, we keep "insuring" them while keeping them in charge.

      I'm sorry you don't recognize your incompetence to appreciate what is happening around you. The sad part is that you project that incomepetence with your rock throwing.

    • As you age and b/c more ossified, Canoodle, you live more and more on the tit of Big Govt. You, like the Dwuck, somehow ignore this fact. You also fail to understand, let alone appreciate, how the rapid response of what you call Big Govt kept the economy from driving off the cliff. This will still be the deepest recession since the Great Depression. It will last a couple of dozen months instead of a dozen years.

      You may live long enough to see the error of your ways. Unfortunately, your burgeoning personality disorder, just like the Dwuck's, will prevent you from recognizing the facts. You, the Dwuck and Dummy need a boogey man to jmustify your unhappiness. Govt are far from perfect, but at least ours is representative. It includes cantankerous old biddies like yourself as well as enrgetic doers like Obama, Geithner and Schwartznagger. Fortunately it is the energetic doers that are in the ascendency and are our leaders.

      Dont underestimate the vigor and resillience of Californians or the rest of Americans. These tuff times will pass too.


    • I see Alpha has no experience being a business in California. And he's not a resident or taxpayer. How is it that Alpha embraces an imploding "Big Govt" picture as signaling that "Big Brother" is the way to go?

    • mad dog alfalfa told Konu > A little help for my economically challenged poster <

      liKe Konu needz any help from a nut job liKe u mad dog alfie

      ur a clown

    • A little help for my economically challenged poster, Canoodle. Think longer term confidence. As with any IOU or debt instrument. People willing to accept, buy and recieve are all indicating their confidence in the issuer. In this instance, confidence in the economy of the State of California.

      California like the country in which it is the most dynamic state remains rich in diversity, thought, capital and assets. Problems, yes. Havent you heard, this is the deepest recession since the Great Depression. But as with the USA, this too shall pass.

      California's governator, like the US's President and unlike the Alaska governor is a doer, not a quitter. They know how to reach out. They know how to lead and govern.


    • QWAK,J4D,I invision it as millions of people acting like young children building SAND CASTLES on the beach and them geting all upset at realising that the TIDE is coming in and ALL they have built is being destroyed as wave after wave crumbeles and decentegrates there castles.

      Common sence would have dictated that at best castles built on sand at the beach would or could -- not last very long -- but like all children they do not think or plan for the future -- they just DREAM and IMAGIN what having there own castle would be like. :(

      the DUCK

    • Reality is that California IOUs were totally embraced. I can't explain it, but dem's the facts. Send Armstrong back to the dustbin - he may have the price trend of precious metals correct - but he knows not why.

    • Martin Armstrong’s latest:

      “Once public confidence is destroyed, respect for government indeed collapses, hoarding of wealth takes place and a refusal to accept the currency on faith.”

      “The threat we face is that the entire system must be looked at as a whole. Seeing California broke is the tip of the iceberg. As this contagion spreads from one state to the next because we have perhaps $50 to $100 trillions of unfunded promises not just Federally with Social Security, but in pensions to government workers. All of this has been based upon the presumption that someone will be there to buy the debt. What happens when that day does not come? How can we live indefinitely on credit card with no hope of long-term solutions for the politicians only care about their holding office? The future being someone else’s problem.”

      “This is why we will see a rally in gold and stocks, but stocks must wait for the 31-month low from the 2007 high before we can see a rally of those assets to offset the risk of government debt.”

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