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  • general_analchord general_analchord Aug 15, 2009 1:26 PM Flag

    Subject - Ducks Birthday

    Headquarters at the Pentagon has issued this citation for Lt. Don L. Duck on his birthday and recognizes his contribution to making this message board the best.

    Lt. Don L. Duck may you continue to post your wise and informative knowledge onto all those who venture here.


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    • QWAK,Thank you analchord, But it realy is just another day and because I try to maintain my AWAIRNESS that TIME is just a percieved ILUSION caused by GRAVITY and that concentrated ENERGY causes GRAVITY --- the GREATER REALITY is that "I have ALWAYS BEEN and WILL always BE -- ME" :)

      It seems to ME that the MORE I chose to be awair and keep that THOUGHT in the front of my mind --- the LESS I am awair of TIME and the lees I feel the NEED to be concerned about TIME! ;)

      I am "IN the MOMENT" much MORE and the PASSED and FUTURE are just like TV programs that I can WATCH if I want OR change to another CHANNEL and FOCUS on that INSTED.:)

      It is REALY quite FUN to be THAT way!

      I kind of figure by being THAT way (aware)
      in my THINKING and PROJECTING that the NEXT time I get DEAD --- I may not even NOTICE it!

      QWAK -- "TO be or NOT to BE" is the CONUNDRUM that puts EACH of US in to THIS physical DEMENTION -- and we spend our NONEXISTENT TIME HERE -- NOT remembering our ANSWER to THAT QUESTION! :)

      The DUCK

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      • Re: QWAK -- "TO be or NOT to BE" is the CONUNDRUM that puts EACH of US in to THIS physical DEMENTION -- and we spend our NONEXISTENT TIME HERE -- NOT remembering our ANSWER to THAT QUESTION! :)

        Yo duck..... I think I must have missed some really big things in my life. I never used a bong and have never used drugs, other than those prescribed by a doctor. I feel like my thought process has always been crystal clear and has never been caught in a cloud of smoke. I've been a dreamer with big idea's all my life and always looking forward based on what I've learned. I take a few sips now and then, but can go without that for long periods. My mental state is almost never artificially induced or altered, other than when I have more than one, or two drinks. The other but natural state is when I sleep. It's said that we all have dreams, but don't always remember them. I remember them once in a while. I know most people completely disagree with my kind of thinking. The world is in a constant state of change. So are people... effected by the very things you cite... gravity and the ability of a few people at a higher intelligence level who think outside the box. The majority are trapped inside their own closed box, and can't see outside of it. I always attribute some of the more noticeable changes in people when the moon is full and it's gravity definitely has a marked effect on humans as sure as it does on the changing tides. It's true though... I believe most of us are definitely full of ourselves!

        For example: Someone once asked, "what do you do? Withoug hesitation, I answered... "I WIN"!

        I have never forgotten the prescient caption that was written beneath my highschool graduation picture in the yearbook. I viewed it as a bullseye!

        The caption:

        "Better men than I have lived,
        but I don't believe it".

        I still have my yearbook and won't reveal the year. It was perfect and I still completely agree with it as accurate, true and very complimentary because we were a very tight knit group that was very close and friendly in those more innocent days. I loved it then and treasure it to this day.

        A recent class reunion was a great time for all that were lucky enough to still be around and enjoying a wonderful life. Out of that class came several wealthy and influential people. No politicians, thank God, but a few executives and self-made millionaire's. I'm pretty sure all the successful one's are still around too!

        I can look at myself and be just as complimentary, but on the other hand, even more critical than anyone else. My biggest critic who knows me best... my best friend since highschool, and also my wife since five years after those wonderful days. I think it's my basic desire of striving for the truth at any cost. That's why I look at most people with a jaundiced eye..... especially blowhards that don't know anything other than being loud, ineffectual and ignorant. As one of my highschool teacher's used to say when we were out of line, "Empty barrels make the most noise."

        I never trust anyone who can't look me straight in the eye when trying to convince me of something I doubt. Body language reveals everyone's uncontrolled faults. These blabfests are the only kind of freedom liars and empty barrels can flourish... especially when people like you and I are not around. Most of them can't even lie believabley on the internet.

        That's why I call them dummy's! :)

    • QWAK,gooferb,Your MIND is NOT your BRAIN!

      Your BRAIN is sort of like the COMPUTER that makes things work in your car and your car/body is the VEHICLE in which YOU get around in PHYSICLE reality! :)

      The GREATER reality is that EVEN the PHYSICAL things are REALY just ENERGY too -- existing in sort of a CONCINTRATED form. ;)

      the DUCK

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