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  • j_four_d j_four_d Aug 28, 2009 11:29 AM Flag

    QWAK,Who can ---the GOVERNMENT CAN!

    ..... "We need National Civilian Security Forces!


    Clip #1. Obama reacts to our National Anthem.
    (about 30 seconds)

    Clip #2. Obama tells us aout Security Forces.
    (about 9 minutes)

    .... and several MORE on same page.

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    • QWAK,J4D,Obama was just CONFUSED -- he thought he was in the MENS ROOM standing in front of a URINAL! It is an OBAMA SOLUTE and SHOULD be RETURNED -- IN KIND :) -- the OBAMA "CHECK your PACKAGE" SOLUTE -- just to be SHURE that the TAX man has NOT got YOUR BALLS! LOL ROTFL!! YET :(

      the DUCK

    • I know of taking one's hat off when the national anthem is aired. Nobody is wearing a hat. What's your beef?

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      • What's MY beef? I wasn't talking about BEEF! If you look closely you can see BO looks like he's clenching his hands over a pork sausage. Quite inappropriate if you ask me. But I suppose a highly respected muslim leader has privileges that others of lesser status don't enjoy... as shown in the picture. Where do you put YOUR hands during the national anthem? I imagine you also prefer pork sausage as well! Apparently you weren't bright enough to scroll down the page and see the REAL video. But you wouldn't know any better anyway. The average humanoid is at the same failing level of unawareness from which you are a victim. So just carreon as you are and shall remain.

        You needn't reply. I have no intention of continuing on with more of your child like pointless drivvel and annoying interuptions. Go back and play with your 'JACKASS' friend. It appears the two of you are tied at the hip. In fact, I believe you're long overdue to be cast into my personal cesspool along with your other self... 'THE JACKASS' and several other creeps. Good riddance to bad garbage. :)

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