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  • azalphainvestor azalphainvestor Oct 5, 2009 2:21 PM Flag

    Are you Listening Canoodle

    I know how misinformed you are with Obama's policies and practices. Canoodle. And how your penis envy blinds you to smart progressive Democratic leadership. How your canoodleness causes you spread lies and misinformation about Obama as you did with Clinton.

    As such I hope you have reflected even just a bit on your whiney misinformed declarations about Obama's Afghanistan tactics and strategy. Newspapers and TV have been full of accurate reports for the past two weeks about Obama's purposeful and circumspect search for a viable Afghanistan strategy. I tried telling you this when you unleashed your whining attack a few weeks ago. Like most things Canoodle, yoiu didnt listen, were loud nad Wrong.

    Your non-appology and non-acknowldgement is accepted. You can no more help your penis envy than the Dwuck can suppress his fiat money envy. Keep working with that 5th grader.


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    • sizzy frenchy Konu Keeps wanting mad dog azz alfalfa to Keep Peeing on him when he tellz ma d dog "please point to my past posts that support your smear compaign"

      give it a rest sizzy frenchy Konu

      haven't u two Klownz made enough of a mockery of urselves yet

      pahleeez quit em bare azzing urselves

    • Alpha, please point to my past posts that support your smear compaign.

    • my my my --- some things never change ---

      mad dog azz alfalfa still peeing on sizzy frenchy konu

      pee away mad dog --- pee away ole chap ---

    • Canoodle.. The past demonstrates your bias and poor judgment. You need to be reminded. You backed the Iraq Misadventure even after it had become more than evident that it was a fiasco. Now you come out guns ablazing on Obama and his appointees tho insufficient time for any fair assesment has passed and the evidence is fragmentary and insufficient. In the instance of the W, Cheney adn Rummy, you gave them every benefit of the doubt. In the instance fo Obama you exhibit premajure ejaculation. And in the instance of Clinton's Serbia sterling success, you ram your head up your arse adn refuse to recognize the obvious. It is you who throw rocks with no balance. It is you that whines and maifests penis envy.

      You dont listen. You dont learn. You are biased. As biased against Clinton and Obama as the Dwuck is biased in favor of gold.

      You completely ignore how the world changed AFTER 9/11. You completely misconstrue the significant efforts by Clinton and his appointees to neutralize al qaeda and capture or kill OBL. You ignore how W dropped the ball on al qaeda and OBL until after 9/11. You excuse W's failure to finish off al qaeda adn OBL in Afghanistan/Pakistan and support the foolish redirection of effort for the War on Terror to the Iraq Misadventure.

      Only when you man up and acknowledge your ignorance and poor past judgment will I cease reminding and shaming you.


    • Alpha, living in the past is not learning from the past. You want to avoid assessing "today" and instead give us your rock throwing diatribes of the past. I've asked you to join us in the reality that is today. Please accept my invitation and stop with your nonsensical ejaculations.

    • Ah Canoodle.. Maybe that explains your foolishness. You fail to learn from the past adn thereby cont to make the same or similar mistakes.

      I suggest you study your foolishness. Your devotion of the Iraq Misadventure was an embarrasment. Your current premature ejaculation on Obama's programs and policies demonstrate your cont foolishness. Results like good analysis take time. I know you never mastered ejaculation, but its time you learn.

      Good luck ole man.


    • Alpha, you're living in the past. Kiss the past goodbye and join us.

    • Those are your gonads that you seeing Canoodle. How often do you have to be reminded it was al qaeda based in afghanistan that attacked the US. That Hussein, no matter how dispicable did not harbor al qaeda and did not attack the US. That al qaeda is still mostly based in the border between afghanistan and pakistan. That the US is in afghanistan not to prop up any govt but to keep the pressure on al qaeda and to a lesser extent the taliban.

      Try not to focues so much on your gonads and try to remember these things. Your hatred of Clinton and premature ejaculation over Obama have made you a sad advocate for the Iraq Misadventure and completely forgetful of who and where our/US enemy actually is.


    • Alpha, please stop justifying Obama's jobs program that sends healthy, young Americans to Afghanistan to protect a corrupt puppet leader who doesn't leave the shelter of the capital city. As a rock thrower in regards to Iraq, you look very stupid now in comparing Iraq to Afghanistan.

    • I see Canoodle you are again failing reading comprehension. Guess you gave up the tutoring from the 5th grader. Too much heavy lifting no doubt. What I can hardly understand is how you can read so much of the Times and still be so ignorant.

      Hope your nurse keeps that feeding tube flowing.


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