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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Nov 13, 2009 10:36 AM Flag


    QWAK,Some months back I posted a story about some BOGUS 400 OZ. GOOD DELIVERY GOLD BARS turning up that were actualy TUNGSTON with a very thick coating of PURE .999 GOLD and having all the right numbers and proof marks. Thease bars are what central banks use and other very MAJOR buyers and sellers of physical gold use --- think the FED GOLD ETFs and FORT KNOX here!!!

    Well now the story gets MUCH BIGER because there are REAL suspitions that there may be as much as or perhaps even MORE than 60 TONNS of BOGUS 400 OZ GOOD DELIVERY BARS out there and the GOLD ETFs may be holding a lot of GOLD that AINT realy GOLD!! :(

    The mainstream media is totaly OBLIVIOUS of this thing that is happening in the back ground but the IMPLICATIONS are HUGE and extreamly EXPLOCIVE as it involves the FED,J P MORGAN,GOLDMAN Sacks and virtualy all of the CENTRAL BANKS!

    the DUCK

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    • QWAK,This is more HUMORUS than HUGE -- but KOOL just the same! :)

      This is REAL MONEY not a substitute for real money!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,J4D,It will soon be -- if it is not already -- too late and too obvious for most to do any thing but surender them selves to the MEAT GRINDER! :(

      the DUCK

    • Yo anyone who still doesn't know what's going on should do themselves a big favor and buy "Crash Proof 20", by Peter Schiff, while you lucky one's can still afford to buy it.

      It's so easy to understand and it takes you completely through why, what, and when so clearly, that even an IDIOT can understand how it all happened and what you can do to save your sorry a$$.

      And I thought I knew it all!

      But don't rush out and buy it on my say so. I'd actually enjoy knowing how some of the moron liberal socialists will be suffering because of their hatred of the truth, and especially of themselves in the approaching and devastating new year that will usher in the beginning of the Obama crushing tax hike(s) and backbreaking punishment of the ignorant and uneducated hoards of obedient slaves, in the excruciently painful year ... 2010.

    • QWAK,canucanoe,The definition of a US DOLLAR is defined by CONSTITUTIONAL LAW to be a set amount of SILVER or GOLD at a set amount of purity! It is STILL the ONLY LEGAL US MONEY!

      What you CALL dollars are FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES and are NOT MONEY but rather CURRENCY LOANED in to existence by the FED a group of 13 privetly owned banks! It is backed by and exchangable ONLY for more FEDERAL reserve PROMISASY notes -- NOTHING MORE!

      The Federal reserve notes are backed by DEBT -- FUTURE payments by PEOPLE --- the BANKS will determin what they are worth -- they have created -- out of thin air TRILLIONS apon trillions of NEW FRN DEBT CURRENCY!

      YES a US DOLLAR is in fact worth LESS -- much less than ZERO :( but if you are in DEBT -- you WILL PAY!! :( The BANKERS will ultimitly decide HOW MUCH your SLAVE LABOR is worth. :(

      I know this is out side YOU PARADIGN but truth be told the bankers have been doing this gradgualy for almost 100 years but in the last 40 or so it had to keep growing at EXPOTENTIAL rates by the use of DIRIVITIVES and that is all that has been keeping the SCAM/HOAX going since the early 80s! :(

      the DUCK

    • Duck, the USD is worth below 0? Please check around your house, your checkbook and your gold for its true value. You are delusional.

    • mr duck said told sizzy frenchy "The USA has been SCAMING the WORLD with the US DOLLAR as the GLOBAL CURRENCY since the end of WW2!! It is backed by nothing more than PROMISES to PAY in DOLLARS which are being CREATED out of THIN AIR on computers FASTER than posable to PRINT paper DOLLARS!"

      u tell um mr duck

      both these num nutzz sizzy frenchy Konu an mad dog azz alfalfa r out of touch with reality

      how Kan any1 b against any entity that actually produces real money

      oh yeah sizzy frenchy Konu Kan

      no wonder both mad dog an frenchy r the boardz 2 Klouwnz

    • QWAK,Canucanoe, Any LOVE is GOOD LOVE :)-- but any MONEY other than GOLD is realy just CURRENCY :( -- promises to PAY -- DEBT that can NOT ever be payed because there is SOOoooooooooooo much that has been CREATED!!

      It could NOT go on for ever -- there ARE limits to EVERY THING in a world of PHYSICAL REALITY -- the BANKERS confused people on a GRAND SCALE this time and IT is IMPLODING and can NOT be STOPED! SORRY that is the TRUTH! :(

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,canucanoe, Shure -- WHY NOT? The USA has been SCAMING the WORLD with the US DOLLAR as the GLOBAL CURRENCY since the end of WW2!! :(

      The actual TRUE value of US DOLLARS is below ZERO and in extream NEGITIVE NUMBERS! :( It is backed by nothing more than PROMISES to PAY in DOLLARS which are being CREATED out of THIN AIR on computers FASTER than posable to PRINT paper DOLLARS!

      Any thing that IS REAL and has ACTUAL TANGABLE value is soon to be of GREAT VALUE as perceptions change DRASTICLY! :(

      FIAT currency is a FRAUD and the US DOLLAR has PERCIPITATED this GLOBAL currency CRICISE -- virtualy all the other world currencies ALSO were DEBASING trying to maintain some balance with the dollar and are to similar degrees equaly WORTHLESS!

      Some form of a GLOBAL CURRENCY will emerge perhaps NOT this one but BECAUSE it does have REAL intrinisic VALUE it will be of HIG VALUE no matter what happens! :)

      What is coming in 2010 is MUCH WORSE than the first wave the GOVERNMENT and the MEDIA want people to believe is OVER and that things are getting BETTER -- they are NOT -- sorry about THAT but YOU aint seen NOTHING YET! :(

      the DUCK

    • OK... let me get this straight. The UN, probably the most political and bureaucratic organization on our planet, one of the most corrupt and incestuous, wants to be front and center in issuing money. Yet it doesn't tax. It provides no real services to the ones that have the money. It serves the borrowers and charity cases.

      And it just gave tickets to 45,000 global warming attendees, but had only 15,000 seats. It left the unfortunate out in the cold, dank Danish winter.

      They claim the right, and expertise, to handle a world's wealth?

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