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  • midlguard1969 midlguard1969 Jul 22, 2010 1:50 PM Flag

    Ok Canoe.....

    Have we "earned" the right to see 70?

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    • You should never get jizzed up by a quarterly earnings report from KO. It's a leveraged financial entity with so much lattitude to push costs, revenues and special charges around amongst itself and its anchor bottlers.

      I'll wait for CCE's earnings to come out. After all, KO will soon own much of CCE.

      But $70? What drug are you on? btw... The analyst Caroline Levy just upped her guidance. That's not a good sign.

    • stickler for consistancy, aren't you. ;)

    • QWAK,borsht2,Let me lay this out for you so you can better understand the diference between GLD and actual physical GOLD.

      The central banks have a very REAL need to keep the price of GOLD as low as posable because it is an OBVIOUS indicator of the LOSS in VALUE/purchasing power of the CURENCIES they create OUT of THIN AIR.

      What they have been doing for quite some time (among other things) is LENDING and LEASING real physical GOLD but because OWNER SHIP of the GOLD has not changed the GOLD is counted several times and the same PHYSICAL GOLD is counted on the books of several central banks and bullion banks and investment banks at the SAME TIME --- this gives the ILUSION to the public that there is 5X or MORE times as much physical GOLD as actualy exists! :(

      Also NO one knows how many DIRIVITIVES are out there linked to the price of GOLD or PAYABLE in physical GOLD! :(

      WHEN not IF -- the music stops and the people who THINK and BELIEVE they own GOLD demand delivery -- any who do NOT have the GOLD in there posesion will be VERY unhappy campers! :(

      The people who DO have actual physical GOLD (SILVER too) will find that the price in CURRENCY has been MULTIPLIED many times over! :)

      Untill that time comes the physical GOLD and SILVER is SAFE and is very REAL "SAVINGS" in HARD CURENCY!

      BTW: Believe it or NOT -- The ONLY LEGAL US MONEY by constitutional law is GOLD and SILVER in a set amout of weight and purity. That LAW has NEVER changed and the things you call DOLLARS are realy just a SUBSTITUTE for OFFICIAL US MONEY -- they are "IOU"s from the FED which is a PRIVETLY OWNED corperation of 13 privetly owned banks! The FED is NOT a part of the US GOVERNMENT and somthing else -- the FED has NEVER been AUDITED and NEVER will be! The FED is a CON GAME/SCAM and THAT is a FACT!

      Check it out for your self!

      the DUCK

    • Duck, would you please support this statement of yours?

      >>>LENDING and LEASING real physical GOLD but because OWNER SHIP of the GOLD has not changed the GOLD is counted several times <<<

      Where are your stats on who is lending? Who is leasing? Who is double counting?

      I think you made up that sentence, so you can falsely prove the rest of your premise.

      As for:

      >>>The ONLY LEGAL US MONEY by constitutional law is GOLD and SILVER<<<

      I think your history is wrong. FDR recalled gold in circulation. Nixon closed the gold window for the world's monetary system. Therefore, what you wrote is not true. Money exists that is very much not gold and silver. You confuse a valuable commodity with "money".

    • QWAK,canucanoe, Agen YOU are trying to be argumentitive just to get your NUTS OFF! :(

      I have over the many years I have posted to this board posted numerous links and the actual congressional laws etc. Look in the arcives or just GOOGLE the spicific subject or question.

      DO not bother me with your FOOLISHNESS!

      the DUCK

    • Duck, stop making this stuff up. Your links are rubbish, all have missing holes to be truthful. Now go look at my post and explain:

      1. Who has lent gold? Who has leased gold? and who is double counting gold assets?

      2. Stop the rubbish that a valuable commodity is the only legal money in the US. As we see by the minute, legal money in the US is not gold.

    • QWAK,This is for every one BUT canucanoe! LOL :)

      People who THINK they understand MONEY and work with huge amounts of CURRENCY are reading THIS BOOK and EDUCATING them selves to the GREATER reality that -- THEY don't REALY know about REAL MONEY -- only CURRENCY!

      the DUCK

    • I own a copy of "When Money Dies" for > decade. Bought it for $40 from an ebay chap in England when the USD$ was king. Last year, saw a copy go for $660. I'm sad to see it was reissued. I originally valued the book for its history and lesson, but later saw it as a good, though accidental, investment.

      However Duck, you're still just yelling "fire" with no substance. Present who is lending and leasing gold and who is double counting the reserves - or please stop the nonsense of proclaiming such.

    • QWAK,canucanoe,Stop being a nusance -- use your GOOGLE do some REAL DD or just check my old posts!

      the DUCK

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