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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Jul 26, 2010 11:47 AM Flag

    QWAK,you are IN the SECOND great DEPRESSION!

    QWAK,You are already well in to the second GREAT DEPRESSION -- they have just not TOLD you yet OFFICIALY so YOU don't KNOW because SOooooooooo FIEW actualy are capable of THINKING and EVALUATING the GREATER REALITY beyond there own personal life situation. :(

    They are trying to avoid PANIC by destracting the public with other issues but eventualy it becomes OBVIOUS and by then most are in IT up to there eye balls or way over there head and can do NOTHING but suffer threw what ever comes! :(

    the DUCK

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    • Nothing to do with KO...

    • QWAK,Eggs, We both KNOW that what MOST people CALL "MONEY" is actualy just CURENCY and that CURENCY can ONLY come in to EXISTENCE -- WHEN and IF a PERSON -- BARROWS/accepts the DEBT -- it in to EXISTENCE!

      The BANKERS must keep EXPANDING the "DEBT CURENCY" at expotential rates OR it all IMPLODES! :(

      Bottom line even WITH ZERO INTRIST -- you can't pay off a $250,000.00 house with a $10.00 an hour JOB! :(

      BTW: That is part of the SPECIAL BILL they just passed too -- ZERO INTRIST LOANS for 2 years to people who lost there jobs! I think it is a 50K limit!

      the DUCK

    • "People will be forced to live with in there means REAL FAST now -- NO MORE CREDIT!"

      In the past two days Duck, I've gotten 5 letters in the mail from various banks, financial institutions asking if I'd be interested in borrowing money from them at 0% interest for a year or more to pay off all my debts (debt consolidation).

      In the past month or so I've probably gotten more than 15 letters concerning debt consolidation at 0% interest. I'm not interested, as I pay off my bills monthly.

      However Duck I'll bet there are many debtors taking advantage of that offer. Reminds me of the same financial environment in 2006-2007 just before the Market Crash of 2008.

      Seems like Deja vu all over again.

    • QWAK,Eggs,That 300% to 400% increases in "VALUE" is an economic OPTICAL ILUSION! :( IT only LOOKS that way because the VALUE OF the US DOLLAR has fallen THAT much over the last 10 years! :(

      I just "LOCKED IN" actual purchasing power each time I saved up some CASH and because I know about BANKERS and the STOCK MARKET -- I bought GOLD and SILVER -- not all that much realy -- I am FAR from being a WEALTHY person -- but I will NEVER be POOR.

      I did not TRY to HAVE it ALL -- perhaps that is WHY -- I got ALL I NEED? ;) I don't need that MUCH! :)

      People will be forced to live with in there means REAL FAST now -- NO MORE CREDIT! :(

      Both SAVING and paying off DEBT are very HARD to DO -- GAMBLING is for FOOLS -- SAVING is what WISE people do -- it is how they SURVIVE!;)

      the DUCK

    • "NO NEED to DEVERSIFY if one is just SAVING --- in physical GOLD and SILVER"

      Let the naysayers keep slamming you Duck. You've been buying pm's (gold & silver) for a decade plus.

      While almost everyone's equity holdings have done almost nothing or worse in the past decade your pm holdings have tripled and more.

      So who's the idiot?

    • QWAK,alpha,GOLD is MONEY -- always has been always will be!


      and finely -- "Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground." :)

      NO NEED to DEVERSIFY if one is just SAVING --- in physical GOLD and SILVER! :)

      the DUCK

    • Dat aint gonna change none neither dod. Thats part of his mental make up.
      And he's certainly been right with respect to 'investing/owning' in gold for the past 7 yrs or so. Youd have to had invested almost exclusively in such power houses as Apple, ISRG, maybe MCD & RIMM to have achieved as good appreciation over that period. Certainly not a diversified, let alove well diversified portfolio. Of course that wasnt a 10th of the appreciation the Dwuck is always a telling us all. He's the definition of Overstatement.


    • QWAK,day old,"Conspiracy"??? --- I just SHARE information -- usualy things that OTHERS miss,overlook or are OBLIVIOUS to.

      IGNORENCE is NOT BLISS -- in less you are a COW!

      COWS get MILKED DRY then -- SLAUTERED for WAPPERS! :(

      IF you can NOT see and even FEEL -- the HEAT of ECONOMIC HELL all around YOU -- then YOU are SLEEPING and NEED to WAKE UP -- the HOUSE is ON FIRE and YOU will get BURNED if you do NOT! :(

      the DUCK

    • Conspiracy Duck still at it.....:)

    • QWAK,This is WIERD and more than a little SPOOKEY and DISTERBING! :(

      WELCOME to ECONOMIC HELL! Don't for get the "MARSH MELLOWS" -- they are going to let us make "SMORES" at the BOND FIRE -- with REAL BURNING BONDS! :(

      the DUCK

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