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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Oct 30, 2010 12:44 PM Flag

    QWAK,This could be IT! :)

    QWAK,This could be "IT" when joe six pack fINELY gets "IT" -- the DIFERENCE between "REAL MONEY" and FIAT CURENCY! YAHOoooooooooooo!!! :)

    The CAT is out of the BAG the DECEPTION is out in the OPEN and FRNs are just WORTHLESS pieces of PAPER and digits in computers!

    When REALITY and FANTICY clash -- fanticy ALWAYS LOSES! :(

    the DUCK

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    • Every community needs its gadfly. We don't need big brother. Leave the Duck to walk about...

    • QWAK,nothingsmis...,I have been on this board over 12 years now -- LONG befor you ever showed up -- it has not happened YET and is NOT likely to SILLY boy!

      Back when I started a class action suit agenst NPLI, a company I once invested in that was trying a BUY OUT of investors for pennies on the dollar -- they DID with the FBI wipe the intire history of that board and it had to RESTART but NOTHING ever came of there atempt to SILENCE me AND I was able to HELP some investors get MORE than they/WE had origenanl been offered! :)

      the DUCK

    • That's about to change. Yahoo can have you reported for abuse only so many times before they finally block your IP address. I think they've been pretty sympathetic towards you in the past because you're clearly a mental patient, but there still has to be limits.

    • The sad thing is you would be happy and overjoyed that you were right all these years even if it means the end of the world.
      Given the choice you probably want the economic collapse of society with all the pain and suffering it brings just so you can sit back and say "I told you so".

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      • QWAK,rhianni,I am an HONERABLE MAN and want HONOST MONEY not FIAT CURENCY that turns all people in to DEBT SLAVES, with less than one in a million realsising how it happened!

        The world will not END but FIAT CURENCY will END and most people will never understand that REAL MONEY helps keep them FREE and keeps the BANKERS and GOVERNMENT as HONIST as posable! :)

        the DUCK

    • QWAK,Max,Coke is WATER with flavoring and carbonation and GROSELY over priced concidering that the whole global FIAT curency situation is IMPLODING and all that implies is beyond your ability to COMPREHEND! :(

      IF you don't want my HELP or ADVICE that is perfectly OK but you don't have to be shuch a HORSES A** or get nasty about it -- just don't read my posts!

      There realy has been very little information from KO for many years now because the information they had been releasing turned out to be "ROPE" that could hang them over the FANCY BOOK work and way they minipulated other aspects of how they do business.

      For well over ten years any $$$ in KO has been virtualy DEAD $$$ that has NOT kept up with the TRUE DOLLAR depreciation in VALUE -- yes it seemed SAFE and there have been slight increases BUT no ware near as much as has been LOST due to the US DOLLAR falling in VALUE/PURCHASING power. :(

      A bit over 10 years ago when I sold all my KO stock, KO was at about $52.00 and GOLD was at $257.00 and I bought and advised others here to do the same. NOW GOLD is at $1362.10 and your KO is only slightly HIGHER in $$$, but IF you figure in DOLLAR DEPRECIATION and COSTS -- it has NOT gone UP but actualy LOST $$$ and that is the HONIST TRUTH wether you like it or not! :(

      the DUCK

    • the DUCK is a phoney

      You got to go like Obama!! yes

      what an oaf you are..

      GET LOST!!!
      this is all about coke not your personal garbage


    • QWAK,The whole world is watching SILVER and expecting INCREDABLE increases now that the MINIPULATION is being EXPOSED! :)

      The thing about "TRUTH" is -- it eventualy comes out --no mater how hard people try to HIDE it!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,The GREATIST financial SCAM/HOAX is being EXPOSED and becoming PUBLIC KNOLAGE -- the result will be GLOBAL FIAT DOLLAR destruction on a SCALE no one even DARES to IMAGIN! :(

      With out the PROTECTION of FALSE lagitimacy it becomes OBVIOUS (gradguly even for the IGNORENT) that PAPER currency backed by DEBT that can NEVER be PAYED -- is totaly INSAINE and that virtualy ALL have been cought up in the HOAX -- all of there LIVES! :(

      the DUCK

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      • Duck, now that link had some unbiased, authoritative comments from a source that would not profit from the lawsuit and likely not from an investment:

        >>Upon hearing GATA's argument on its website that "the International Monetary Fund has instructed central banks to lie about their gold reserves," Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, a frequent critic of the IMF, expressed some skepticism. "Without knowing anything about this, it's more likely a group of gold nuts, of which there many," he said of GATA.

        Stiglitz had his doubts about whether two big banks might be capable of cornering the silver market, though he conceded that he does not have a good handle on how liquid the market is.<<<

        As I wrote earlier, a speculative position won't influence a long term investor position as you claim. Stiglitz has your number... gold nut...

      • DUCK you idiot, spelling. Freaking spell check. Man you are an idiot.

    • DDuck, your article is a dream. Sure, the CFTC statement is real. But the combo of thoughtful insight from a CFTC person combined with the accusations from Murphy and Butler, is just propaganda. Please don't use the legitimacy of one group to support the ravings of another.

      btw, if Butler was "right" with silver at $4, these firms would be bankrupt now.

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      • QWAK,canucanoe,The bankers NEEDED to SUPRESS the price of physical GOLD and SILVER to HIDE the DEBASMENT of the FIAT CURENCY they issued and it can NOW be PROVED in COURT and WILL BE! It is realy just that SIMPLE and OBVIOUS IF you will accept REALITY.

        Beyond that are long established historical NORMS and new USES and APLICATIONS for especialy SILVER that did not even exist 50 years ago AND a GLOBAL population that is DEMANDING the new TECHNOLOGIES that MUST have small amounts of SILVER for all thease new gadgets to work -- there are NO SUBSTITUTES for the SILVER!

        Physical SILVER is the absolute BEST HOPE most people have to SALVAGE or HOLD on to there small amount of WEALTH and NOT be ROBED BLIND by the BANKERS and there CORUPT GOVERNMENTS!

        Believe as you chose BUT I am NOT trying to BS or SCAM any one -- JUST help as many as I can AVOID the ECONOMIC CATASTROPHY that is coming and UNAVOIDABLE!:(

        the DUCK

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