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    • QWAK,canucanoe,You are agen OBLIVIOUS of the TRUTH -- the GREATER REALITY that -- GOLD is NOT a COMODITY -- GOLD is the ONLY real MONEY!

      That is WHY -- ALL central banks hold GOLD on there balence sheets and NOT copper or wheat or pork bellies!

      Once you get passed the PROJECTED ILUSION it becomes OBVIOUS what has been happening for a long time right in front of us and gone UNNOTICED! :(

      It is the greatist FRAUD in mankinds total HISTORY and is GLOBAL and impacts virtualy every person in every country using any FIAT curency! :(

      Each time the HOAX came close to IMPLODING the ones runing it just made it BIGER to keep it going a little longer.

      What is hapening NOW should have happened in the 80s but they came up with DIRIVITIVES to cover and hide the TRUTH from the public that --- ECONOMICLY the AMERICAN DREAM died long ago and has been on LIFE SUPORT and in a vegitative state since the late 60s!

      You only want to --- shoot the mesanger of TRUTH because IF you dare to believe -- that means dealing with a REALITY that is AWFULL to even IMAGIN and CONTEMPLATE and one which YOU are totaly UNPREPARED to deal with. :(

      the DUCK

    • Duck, why do you link nonsense like this:

      >>>Question: There are a total of 417 Billion notional in Gold derivatives outstanding – AND THE GOLD / SILVER Price RATIO is 49:1 – then WHY are outstanding notional silver derivatives 127 Billion???? These BIS numbers suggest that the proper gold / silver ratio should be roughly 3.3:1 or silver priced TODAY at 1,400 / 3.3 = 424.00 per ounce. <<<

      The author sounds like a 6th grader - not knowing:

      a. the difference between "notional" and balance sheet asset and risk "reality".

      b. different assets are just that, different. There is no causal link between silver and gold asset pricing - jut as there isn't for copper and silver (which are typically mined from the same earthy nuggets.

      Maybe the author would like to compare sex and lipstick sales?

    • nick made fun of duckies dyslexia by his comment to our favorite winged fowl, "I'm surprised YOUS EVENS SPELLS HALF YORS WORDS RIGHT"

      making fun of any human beings developmental issue is cruel and inhumane nick

      proves what a low life you really are

      when you can't win an argument using facts and intellect you stoop to cruelty

      you and georgy boy are in a class by yourselves

    • I'm surprised yous evens spells half yors words right.

      yous wernt obducted by alieens wers you?1?

    • QWAK,canucanoe,Like I said that is NOT profof any thing, it is just trying to DISCREDIT the MOUNTAN of EVIDENCE that can no longer be IGNORED!

      Here is PROOF -- read -- look at the NUMBERS -- the FACTS are OBVIOUS!

      The house of CARDS is falling GLOBALY! :(

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,nickp60,You are a TWIT with the intelectual DEPTH of a PUDDLE in a WALMART parking lot on a SUNEY day as the puddle EVAPORATES! :)

      IF you EVER had an IDEA in your HEAD -- it would DIE of LONELYNESS! :(

      the DUCK

    • You just just keep drinkin' that extreme right wing koolADE and you can convince yourself of anything.

    • nick, I repeat, only because you are our self appointed English aficionado, the below "your" by you should be "you're":

      <<If your too lazy to write well, what else are you lazy about that we should all know?>>

    • Bohrat I think you got some duckie juice on your chin. You are such a pansy bohrat.

    • nick told duckie "you are a lazy writer. Your writing is also PUNY .... Your messy writing suggests haste, carelessness, and incompetence"

      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      our esteemed duckie has been promoting on this message board the purchase of gold and silver for the past decade

      those that listened made over 400% gains in the aforementioned and missed the crash of '08'

      so our brilliant duckie has difficulty dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's ....

      while making his message perfectly clear

      naysayers and bashers have gone and gone on this message board like you nick who argued with our duckie

      they were the ones who missed out on the 'GOLD'en opportunity of a lifetime

      you nick are just another pissant who has come along trying to make our prophet and guru look bad

      take that long walk off a short pier again

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