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  • canucanoe1 canucanoe1 Dec 31, 2010 12:17 PM Flag

    New, Crazy Phase for Gold, Silver?

    Well, its been a decade for me to be in gold and silver. But this morning - there were signals that the game is a changin'.

    Lenny Dykstra, yes - the former baseball star, was featured in a TV commercial pumping gold and silver bullion. This is the same Dykstra who was wild on real estate and heavy on stock options trading the past decade.

    While we may be early in the speculative blowoff - I do believe Dykstra signals we are entering that phase. Irrespective of what the Duck has said (and we both have been right for a very long time to be in precious metals), gold and silver are but hard assets that have seen a very nice run for a long time. Will it continue for another 10 years - I truly doubt it. 5? maybe. 2? probably - but not without some heart attacks.

    I see severe volatility coming to precious metals. Before prices peak, I suspect there will be a confidence shattering downdraft, just like 3 decades ago (look it up, quite the retracement). Key is to discern when that downdraft will visit before the speculative blowoff occurs.

    Dykstra indicates to me that the downdraft is not far off - some months, maybe a year away. But volatility means its not all up from here...

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    • QWAK,This is all part of the PLAN!!!

      "This dangerous strategy can only be managed so long as there are no price shocks to the upside. After all, the price of gold has increased fairly consistently over the last eleven years without any noticeable market failure. The reason for this is that the bullion banks and commercials in the futures markets naturally run short positions, making their money in bull markets by selling dear and buying cheaply. They have the best market intelligence and with the deepest pockets they control the rise in prices, and the mug-punters are an easy, profitable target."

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,The BANKERS are being CRUSHED by the TRUTH of there GREED -- they created the HARD place they are now in and took the whole world in to "IT" with them!

      A GOLD and SILVER life boat will FLOAT in a SEA of worthless FIAT curency! :)

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,canucanoe,Your PARADIGN is extreamly FLAWED and the transition to the NEW GREATER REALITY will be extreamly hard for you and the many others who have been DECIEVED by the BANKERS who ROB them constently and pretend they are doing the people a great FAVOR lending them somthing that does not even EXIST! :(

      It is NOT the falling VALUE of FIAT that HURTS -- it is the SUDDEN STOP at the BOTTOM -- when people stop BELIEVING and TRUSTING the CURENCY! :(

      People have and always will TRUST GOLD and SILVER -- history proves THAT TRUTH every time any FIAT curency FAILS and they ALL DO!!! :(

      Canucanoe,you are pluged in to "MATRIX" thinking and it is NOT the REAL world -- just a projected ILUSION!:(

      As the DOLLAR/FIAT falls in value/purchasing power -- people in other places STARVE and RIOT in the streets because they can NOT afort to EAT! :( The GREEDY BANKERS percipitat THAT and also WARS to control populations! They lend "$$$" to buy WEAPONS to both sides and colect from the WINER! :(

      YES the BANKERS were minipulating when GOLD and SILVER were in circulation BUT it LIMITED there DESTRUCTIVE capabilities!

      We are confronting a GLOBAL FIAT CURENCY implosion and the BANKERS are trying every trick they can dream up or imagin to DELAY and postpone THERE JUDGMENT DAY of RECOGING and admiting THAT can NOT pay and NEVER COULD, it has alway been a HOAX and a SCAM and taken to greater and greater EXTREAMS each time!!! :(

      IF only for a wile till they can REORGANISE :( -- both GOLD and SILVER will be the form of MONEY accepted any ware and at extreamly high PREMIUM of VALUE -- almost unbelievably HIGH! :)

      The BANKERS and there DEBT/SLAVERY curency have DISTORTED our VALUES of virtualy EVERY THING and EVERY ONE around us and TRUTH and REALITY have the BANKERS traped between a ROCK and a HARD PLACE -- about to be CRUSHED!

      Out of the destruction will come greater understanding and TRUE respect for what MONEY is and represents -- the CREATIVE EFFORTS of OTHER PEOPLE who are DUE RESPECT just as the person holding the TOKEN of that WORK! :)

      Will it agen be DESTORTED and ABUSED?? Only IF people LET the BANKERS do it agen -- AFTER all have learned a very HARD LESSON! ;)

      the DUCK

    • Duck, you speak nonsense.

      Money is not "work and effort". It is the excess value of that work.

      If you were manually making buggy whips, should it be valued the same as if you were designing the first transistor?

      As time marches on, values change. Big deal - only for those that can't accept change.

      Duck, you want it both ways. You want to use the internet and your pickup truck, but you don't want change in value delivered. that's nonsense.

      btw, you again confuse banking concepts with wealth and money. You can have bad and good bankers with any monetary system.

    • QWAK,canucanoe,You fail to grasp or comprehend the most basic concept of what "MONEY" truely IS and REPRESENTS and that is why -- you just DON'T GET IT!:(

      MONEY --IS and represents -- the WORK and EFORT of another PERSON -- just like YOUR SELF some ware -- doing what they can do to EARN enough to LIVE and SURVIVE! :)

      Like most people today YOU have learned to count DOLLARS and believe them to be just a quantity of digits added together in some detached CIBER world! :(

      GOLD is REAL -- SILVER is REAL -- DIGITS on a computer or printed on paper are JUST -- PROMISES to PAY -- DEBT notes -- IOUs -- for SOME DAY -- IF people PAY and don't DEFAULT or can not posably pay -- because DEBT is greater than FUTURE pay can ever REPAY! :(

      The BANKERS tricked virtualy every one in to believing that THEY could create "MONEY" from "DEBT" a form of SLAVERY!! :(

      The BANKERS are LEVERAGED to INFINITY in GOLD and SILVER because they believed they could FOOL EVERY ONE ALL of the TIME and NEVER have to PAY any one in REAL MONEY -- just the DIGITS they create with out EFFORT or CARE for the ones who GROW and MINE and BUILD and PRODUCE every thing! :( :( :(

      the DUCK

    • Duck, a gold, silver, fiat, you name it monetary system will be gamed by the Govt. That is the true lesson of history.

      Gold systems were gamed. What's the difference whether you have a heavy asset with a big footprint in your basement or some numbers in a computer. Both are numbers. Hopefully, both are accurate and well regulated numbers.

      Why do you persist in trusting "gold" instead of yourself?

    • QWAK,canucanoe,the FED is buying its own BAD DEBT PAPER to maintain the ILUSION -- how long can that go on?? HUMmmmmmmmmm???

      "Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants – but debt is the money of slaves." –Norm Franz, Money and Wealth in the New Millenium

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,canucanoe,GOLD makes gaming the system harder because it is REAL not imaginary numbers in a computer!

      It worked for 5000+ years and people historicly trust GOLD! As the curent global fiat system IMPLODES you can bet your last FRN DOLLAR people will agen return to what they historicly trusted real GOLD and SILVER! :)

      the DUCK

    • Duck, it will be just another system. What does it matter whether it has gold or not? That system too will be raped and pillaged - just as prior gold based ones, fiat ones, silver ones, etc. were.

      You grasp at straws trying to sell medicinal tonic that is just another version of monetary alchemy.

      The key is not what the system is, not what it is made of, but how it will be organized to decieve. And all systems will be decieving ones, as history has truly taught us.

      So stop telling us the nonsense that "gold" is the "one". You are decieving yourself and all those that can't recognize how jaded you are in that Midas basement of yours.

    • QWAK,canucanoe,The global FIAT system especialy the US DOLLAR is FLOUNDERING and SELF DESTRUCTING and will be REPLACED in the NEAR FUTURE with a GOLD BACKED system -- likely it will be NOT just GOLD but GOLD will be a major component!

      The US DOLLAR will be BLAMED and the people of the USA also blamed for ALLOWING it to happen! :(

      GOLD is OFFICIAL US MONEY and FED "$$$" are NOT -- they are a SUBSTITUTE for GOLD and SILVER -- end of storey!

      The DEBT is too great and can NOT be payed -- the USA will DEFAULT just as we did in 71! :(

      the DUCK

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