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  • canucanoe1 canucanoe1 Mar 21, 2011 6:22 PM Flag

    More dysfunctional autocracy from Obama

    The Huffington Post wrote about Alpha's oracle, Michael Moore, and his thoughts regarding Obama bypassing the constitution and any semblence of a dialogue with the American people before committing us to a Civil War:

    Michael Moore rips Obama over Libya
    By Jordan Fabian - 03/19/11 06:41 PM ET

    Anti-war filmmaker Michael Moore tore into President Obama for taking military action in Libya on Saturday.

    Moore, a frequent critic of President Bush for launching the Iraq War, unleashed a string on tweets comparing the U.S. military's mission in Libya to Iraq and Afghanistan, using a mantra coined by Charlie Sheen:

    It's only cause we're defending the Libyan people from a tyrant! That's why we bombed the Saudis last wk! Hahaha. Pentagon=comedy

    And we always follow the French's lead! Next thing you know, we'll have free health care & free college! Yay war!

    We've had a "no-fly zone" over Afghanistan for over 9 yrs. How's that going? #WINNING !

    Khadaffy must've planned 9/11! #excuses

    Khadaffy must've had WMD! #excusesthatwork

    Khadaffy must've threatened to kill somebody's daddy! #daddywantedjeb

    Moore also suggested that Obama should return the Nobel Peace Prize he won in 2009:

    May I suggest a 50-mile evacuation zone around Obama's Nobel Peace Prize?

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    • This new "Obama Doctrine" - isn't it a retread Bush Doctrine?

      Obama told the world, "“I refused to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action,”.

      It is an embracement of George II's thinking re. WMD.

      In both cases, a "possible" scenario was treated as coming reality. Counterfactual arguments can only be relegated to the history classes and political mudslinging - but as with Bush's WMD claim, Obama's is likewise. Just watch the scenes on TV, this is a Civil War of minor ferocity.

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