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  • paulohl paulohl Jun 29, 2011 3:31 PM Flag

    Duck, as a dyslexic you might not get

    the "joke" but here is an example of a future college student who shouldn't be.

    Maybe he is dyslexic too, but I think he is just ignorant and/or lazy.

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    • Duck, you posted a link that stated: >>>By creating the first ever rolling spot contract, Chinese bank customers will for the first time have ease of access to 10 ounce gold contracts<<<

      That is very clearly a piece of financial paper, a derivative, that has nothing to do with taking delivery.

      And you lauded it!!! lol!!!

      Now I don't deny that the Chinese take delivery of physical gold (just like Americans, Europeans, Asians, etc.).

      But you were promoting a piece of financial paper.

    • QWAK,Here are perspectives and opinions on the new CHINA pressious metals exchange that come from well known investors who DO understand! :)

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,canucanoe, NO!! You do NOT get it!!! The people in China take delivery -- they avoid holding paper promises!!

      We are talking indiviguals owing and holding REAL physical GOLD not the BS of bankers and governments!

      I supose this too will not alter your preconcieved notions but others may so will post it.

      BTW: Other than your personal OPINIONS based on notions the bankers and government have planted in your mind YOU never offer any suporting links or experts with opinions that count!

      Canucanoe as always YOU just get off on ARGUING and will not even concider alternet perspectives EVEN when backed up with long term historical data of business and money cicles. :(

      Governments and bankers always LIE and TWIST truth to maintain advantage and power, that is the GREATER REAlity YOU REFUSE TO ACCEPT!

      The DUCK

    • Duck, I understand well:

      a. You don't truly read what you post. You look at the headline.

      b. If the headline agrees with your bias, you post the link.

      That last link was for a piece of derivative paper for the Chinese to buy gold. You got all wet and agitated anticipating masses of Chinese buying derivative paper tied to gold. But you have for years bemoaned the stupid actions of a Westerner buying like derivative paper.

      Duck - stop feeling "others" are more important and intelligent than your fellow Americans. The only way for you to do this is to stop your mantras and exchange your tunnel vision ignorance for truth, justice and the American Way through a learning exploration of what is actually happening about you.

    • QWAK,canucanoe and others -- THIS may help you (probably not for canucanoe) understand and comprehend that the global FIAT situation is IMPLODING and that China is and will make the most of it taking advantage of understanding that FIAT curency always ends in massive FRAUD and deception of the people. :(

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,canucanoe,You miss the point and gloss over the fact that in China the people do take delivery and FRAUD is PUNISHED with extream predgiuse -- often a bullet in the head -- public EXICUTION does tend to limit FRAUD! :)

      the DUCK

    • Actually Duck, you can't explain it. That posting link you provided was for a piece of financial paper that handled the rolling over of commodity contracts. It is a derivative. It is not physical. You blew it once again.

    • QWAK,canucanoe,As usual I can explain it to you BUT I can NOT understand it FOR you! :)

      ALL fiat curencies implode and become totaly worthless REAL GOLD and SILVER do NOT and NEVER have! :)

      China knows this because they invented the first paper FIAT curency!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,paulohl, not shure what point YOU are trying to make??

      Dyslexic does NO = STUPID --- actualy it tends to indicate a potential for superior inteligence and the nessary abilitys to adapt and find alternet ways to achieve goals! :)

      I am mostly self educated and started earning my own $$$ when I was 9 years old but discovered only recently that I did NOT actualy understand MONEY! I educated my self and discarded the foolish notions BANKERS and GOVERNMENT and the EDUCATION system tried to get me to believe! :(

      I made many discoveries the most important one being that DOLLARS are not MONEY but only curency -- IOU notes from the FED that the FED can create in infinate amounts and DOES! :(

      11 years ago I told people here on this board to SELL all there PAPER and buy physical GOLD and SILVER, I sold my KO stock at $50.00 Gold was at $257.00 and SILVER under $4.00 :)

      Today GOLD is $1500.30 and SILFER $34.72 :)

      Like I said dyslexic aint STUPID! :)

      I am in good company! ROTFL :)

      IF you had bought GOLD at $257.00 and SILVER at $4.00 YOU would be a happy camper too! ;)

      the DUCK

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