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  • aea_guy_lies aea_guy_lies Sep 8, 2011 1:57 PM Flag

    Republicans are more than willing to let the economy sink

    The republicans are more than willing to let the economy sink and allow their "FRIENDS" to remain rich while the rest of the nation lives in poverty than to put all the politics aside and do what is best for everyone instead of what is good for a few.

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    • QWAK,georgetheni...,One question for you --- Has any post you have EVER made here HELPED or made or SAVED any one here any $$$?? HUMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      SOoooooooooooooooo what makes you think or believe my posts are not helpfull to others here who HAVE made or SAVED $$$ by puting my advice in to action?

      Now run along and play with the other children and stop your silly talk.

      the DUCK

    • OMG! Duck you are a funny old man. What I want is to keep this board from your filthy smell! You have gone on to long telling everyone and their mother about gold! SHUT IT! You are not a sage, you are not an investor genius, you are a human being, who got lucky with his timing of the rise of gold. Nothing more. Truthfully speaking, most people like you are lucky to have a winning streak. You seem to have gotten lucky with your gold, but how long will this winning streak hold? Gotta answer, not feeling that you are going to be so lucky when things start to take hold. HA HA HA.


    • QWAK,georgetheni..., ALL things ARE related and included in my perceptions and insights -- I tend to percieve most things from a METAPHYSICAL perspective blended with the understanding of how things actualy work based on real life experience which you obviously LACK and try to discredit and dismiss because of your child like adatude and inability to percieve beyond wanting what YOU WANT and pouting and crying and acting out when you don't get what you want. :(

      IF you want more posts on this board about your chosen subject for conversation --- then GO FIND some new information and POST IT! :)

      The problem you see -- is there is very little information from the company for many years now since they started holding the company officers accountable for all that information which in the not too distent passed was used to mislead INVESTORS! You can ask canucanoe about THAT he posted a lot on that subject. :)

      There just is not much information out there on KO and IF it were the ONLY subject posted on here the board would be almost DEAD!

      the DUCK

    • Ha ha, that's a good one old Ducky, the adults, he he. Good laugh my man, good laugh. If you are talking about you and your alter ego , I can believe it. Arguing over important decisions; should we eat bear or deer, such we 5 star or 4 star our own comments. Should we let the members of this board know, that you really are mentally incapable. Should we continue talking about gold, or silver.

      But, hey at least you always have a friend to rely on. Ducky II. Adults are having a conversation...Adults spell check before posting random BS. RETARD!

    • QWAK,georgetheni...,Run out side and play with the other LITTLE BOYS -- this is not the time or place for your foolishness.

      the DUCK

    • Duck whats the smell? Poop on your breath. Yup eating poop again. Poor poor ducky. No food.


    • QWAK,georgetheni..., You make me feel SOooooooooooooo BAD -- I guess I will --GO EAT WORMS! :(

      Silly BOY -- you SOooooooo FUN when you act out like a CHILD! :)

      the DUCK

    • You are not the enemy. OK, no problem. But currently like you retard, I am going to post COMPLETELY off topic diatribes about YOU!

      You are more retarded than a French Poodle. Dumber than my dogs fleas. More stupid than the tape worm that resides inside you intestine. More dumber than Chicken Little (but in many ways the same). More insanely retarded than my gold fish and his 8 second memory.

      Ha ha ah. I could go on for days.


    • QWAK,georgetheni...,Don't blame ME for your own ignorence and stupidity!!

      "OMG!! My ears are bleeding, red blood" --- HUMmmmmmmmmmm your problem is OBVIOUS ---> STOP using an ICE PICK,SCREW DRIVER ot CORK SCREW to remove excess EAR WAX!

      You should also see a DOCTOR asap!!!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,georgetheni..., I am (not) impressed with your insightfull responce ;)

      "No retard can be as annoying as the DUCK. And truly no one is."

      Did you COPPY it off the wall in the BOYS john or did you THINK (?) it up all by your self?? HUMmmmmmmm

      Have you ever actualy CONTRIBUTED a post on this board that HELPED any one here in any way?

      I am NOT your ENEMY -- fact IS I am only trying to HELP as many as I can avoid LOSING what wealth they may have!

      IF you don't see it that way -- it is YOUR problem and IGNORENCE that blinds you.

      the DUCK

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