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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Aug 20, 2012 9:50 AM Flag

    The duck:

    QWAK,You talking to ME?? ;)

    I have been busy stacking and rearanging SILVER in my vault making room for MORE -- it is amasing how heavy the real stuff is! LOL

    TPTB have managed to keep the price of both GOLD and SILVER down for about a year now to help there buddies get out from under huge short positions befor BOTH do a moon shot in 2013.:)

    I expect a signifigent increase this fall but after the elections and early in 2013 --- KAITY bar the door because TPTB won't be able to hold back the tide of higher taxes and inflation any longer and the price of both will soar as the plunge protection team backs off from the stock market and lets it collaps along with some of the bigist banks in the world! :(

    The dollar is NOT money it is just curency which is a substitute for actual MONEY which has always been GOLD and SILVER!

    When the curencies devalue because they can always make more out of thin air --- all that will mater is -- do YOU have the real stuff or NOT! BUMMER if you don't!

    the DUCK

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    • Duck -- spot silver is now comfortably back over $30, and is still undervalued, IMO. A prudent time to add to the .9999 pure gold Maple Leaf position, also.

      And for all, representing a simple inflation hedge, do not forget the pre-1982 Lincoln Cents, whose .950 Cu content is now worth ~ 2.5 cents.

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      • QWAK,Both GOLD and SILVER are launching to new highs that will amase people at how fast and high they will go! :)

        Qe3 and 4 and 5 etc. will happen to keep the FIAT scam/hoax going as long as posable!

        Just be shure when you buy that you buy PHYSICAL and take delivery and you will be a HAPPY CAMPER! :)

        There are SOoooooooooo many red flags and economic alarms going off right now that it is hard to believe that the general public is still asleep and oblivious that the BANKERS are the cause of all the economic problems and NOT the solution to them! :(

        Each must take personal RESPONCIBILITY for there own financial future because the BANKERS own all the governments and the mass media too so it is there intention to keep the public calm as they lead them all to the SLAUTER HOUSE! :(

        the DUCK

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