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  • itsallaboutgrowth itsallaboutgrowth Nov 19, 2012 10:52 AM Flag

    Warning Label

    I find that people pick and choose what they're concerned about, but can't be consistent about it because some of the products that they love either aren't made in a "healthier" form, or they're too expensive, so they buy based on preference but not absolute need. For example, I prefer that my family doesn't have HFCS, so I try to buy Mexican Coke (in the glass bottle) wherever I find it even though it costs more. But, if I'm out of Coke, and the Mexican version isn't available, I'll settle for the HFCS version. Also, I'm not going to make my kids not eat/drink otherwise healthy foods/drinks just because real sugar versions aren't conveniently available. My experience is that the majority of consumers have preferences, but refuse to be religious about it. My sense is that if real sugar products are available, enough people will buy them at a sufficient markup to generate profits, but the marketeers haven't caught up with that yet. Instead of HFCS labels, more products should be louder about advertising REAL SUGAR.

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