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  • jforuus jforuus Dec 27, 2012 8:54 AM Flag

    Will CNBC RISE?


    This is the survey you should have instead of trying to massage and mask your own agenda into the contempt that the US Citizen has for partisan-ism.


    a. the President
    b. the US Congress
    c. the Corporations and Lobbyists
    d. the DOD
    e. Homeland Security
    f. CIA
    g. FBI
    h. NSA
    j. The SEC
    i. Wall Street

    We have such a mistrust for each and everyone one of these entities for many a publicized reasons.

    a. is he just a pawn put into position to quell any uprising that is in its initial stages? he hasn't delivered on many of his promises, unemployment is still high.

    b. we all know they are self-serving individuals who have become career politicians, organized just enough to F the US Citizen over every chance they get. no qualms about raising taxes on us yet again. We should all ban together to stop paying taxes, put 10M of us in prison.

    c. GSK baby killers, subliminal commercial campaigns, covering up cigarette studies the list goes on forever, someone should be shot daily from that side and the the above should be forced to watch.

    d. they lie to your sons and daughters as a reward they steal their parents savings and retirement dreams. they budget TRILLIONS for their toys but have a tough time budgeting $20B for your prosthesis, seems fair or rational, makes you angry doesn't it?

    e. I don't even know how many of our rights they have taken away from us, but they could while they are doing such actually find all the serial killers in America or the large criminal enterprises?

    f. these guys were the biggest drug runners in the 80's Ollie and Company, poor sap had to take the fall. they don't get taxed and get to pay for their unsanctioned black-ops. we aren't fools you know, maybe you team up with e. g. and h. and wipe out the kidnappers and serial killers? food for thought.

    g. how about you actually start investigating and helping out the SEC and bring the true criminals to justice, the men how hide in office? How is there a MAFIA still? You have unlimited resources, justice and honor on your side, IVY league talent along with the law and they have enterprise on their side? How are they winning, unless your bosses are just as corrupt, perhaps its time to to an annual internal accounting and cleaning?

    h. You guys can be free safeties work around and coordinate your efforts with the other team members e. f. g. and j.

    j. call for help boys, we know the men who appoint you are probably a few degrees of separation from the worst enemies of the state. we know that. end chapter 11 as a get out of jail card.

    i. it will require a HERCULEAN effort to clean this quagmire of dishonest and colluding party up, but you can do it. take a few heads off every month and eventually time will cure it with extreme vigilance.

    CNBC rise to such agendas instead of showing yourself to be pawns for self serving agendas of the men who thus far pull your strings. This country knows this and you have lost all respect, actually you never had any from the US Citizen.

    Please post and email this to your friends and family. These are the topics of conversation we should be having at the dinner table. Feel free to email this to the President and the rest of the above mentioned parties, perhaps there are a few start that will rise to lift this nation from the the perils it faces. They should fear the US Citizen, the US Citizen shouldn't fear them.

    This topic is deleted.
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