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  • northvisitor34 northvisitor34 Jan 23, 2013 5:23 PM Flag

    KO has a problem being a new Competitor

    tejdem: many have tried to compete against Coke and have failed. Having been in other countries, people ask for coke. Pepsi is the biggest competitor and they have a hard time competing.

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    • goldenseth Jan 24, 2013 5:57 AM Flag

      "Many have tried to compete with Coke". Name the many?? You're saying this as if they number in the hundreds, no forget that, the dozens. No, many have not tried to compete with Coke. KO has done a fine job of creating a glorious moat and have benefited greatly for nearly 100+. With that said, SodaStream is competing in an entirely different way, through benefits like health, convenience, storage space, no bottle deposits any more, and being more eco-friendly. Can you name another so-called competitor that has competed with the company in such a fashion over the years, honestly asking? Here is something else to consider: SodaStream has managed to acquire 1% household penetration in the US without even entering the grocery channel to any significant degree. Here is something else to consider, they have done this in roughly only 2 years and without the benefit of side-by-side shelf space with KO or in the beverage aisle of your grocery store, identifying what the product does and/or IS. One last thing, ask your neighbor if they have a SodaStream, if they answer "huh, what's", that means SodaStream has a world of market share yet to conquer and grow into. A growth story is different than what KO offers as it is definitely a mature consumer staple at this point if you will. I would say that there is room for both in an investors portfolio.

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      • weewillie08 Jan 25, 2013 9:05 AM Flag

        Goldenseth, you cosidered everything going for coke's competition except for the one, overriding, essential, necessary and meaningful consideration that coke owns handsdown. One simple thing. And that is TASTE. Coke tastes good. That's why people buy it. The rest takes a back seat. I recommend you join the club and buy some KO and enjoy the long term shareholder growth and dividends. What's not to like about a winner? Gold, you have a good one.

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