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  • legionfullmetal7 legionfullmetal7 Apr 16, 2013 9:12 AM Flag

    Why is the market up today? We just got attacked in Boston...Over 120 Americans injured or dead

    Why is the market up today? We just got attacked in Boston...Over 120 Americans injured or dead.
    Is it no big deal anymore and why is the media not calling it a Terrorist Attack over 120 Americans injured or dead... God help us.

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    • Not to be cold, but why should the market go down because a bomb went off yesterday? There's not much of a connection. People are still buying coca cola and big macs.

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      • That is the craziest #$%$ I have ever heard!!! It is connected...The United States has a terrorist attack and no suspects and you say it is not connected to the market!!!!!??? Will this cause another war? Increased security? Could this be a group of terrorist or one person... Domestic or abroad... the President says it was a Terrorist attack on our country and you relate that to a Big Mac? A less safe America affects the Market much more than Netflix subscriptions. Do you think the few stocks you buy or consumers buy are a big deal in the larger picture? No way, there is a way bigger financial world out there and it is lead by Interest rates, bonds, swaps and credt lines... all this is greatly affected by a terrorist attack. Trust me behind the scenes it is connected and a big deal. But consumers are always the last to know. Is this the normal now? Are 170 people injured or dead no big deal anymore? Are we used to this now? I worry it is like we are walking zombies. Is your money safe? Is our country safe? Are you safe? Two days ago 170 people involved in a maraton thought they were and look at what happened.

    • The liberals are to busy worring about gun control. Instead of doing their job of getting the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, getting the unemployed back to work. Which will help our economy grow. Droping a few powerful bombs on the muslim, would let them know we will fight back.

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    • The market is up because you sold ( or went short )

    • The stock market is all they have left. The real economy is crumbling, and this is the last hope Bernanke has.

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