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  • boar292hog boar292hog Jul 16, 2013 11:24 AM Flag

    Dear Carl and Kelly at CNBC...ref. KO....

    Trying to imply that KO's weather issues are somehow as faulty as retailers who blame weather is, well, lacking in common sense to be kind.

    June was an unseasonably cool month and dramatically so. I have to ask, do either of you drink hot chocolate in 100 degree weather? Or would you select a coke? How about an ice cold frosty coke while you're out ice skating?
    Each one of these little decisions by each consumer adds up to MILLIONS of consumers making said decision. Fewer outdoor BBQs, etc. in June...and no, I'm not talking about planned events being cancelled, rather,. all the other individual consumers and their Families who elected to well, not BBQ today during JUNE!

    Why does gas consumption typcially rise during the summer months? More people travelling! Airline traffic during those graduation months? More people travelling! Coke sales at stadiums during summer months? Because baseball at every level is in season. I'll bet those same coke sales go down when a game is rained out! What do you two think? LMAO!

    Come on you two! No one expects you to know everything but, consumption of BEVERAGES is affected by weather the only question is, to what scale. JUNE was the collest June I think I have ever lived through and I have been around alot longer than either of you.

    But hey, maybe you are correct, people might have been falling all over themselves to go buy and drink coke but there were fewer of them!? LMAO! RRRRRiiiiigggghhhhhhtttttttt!
    I am not defending coke, I am criticizing the lack of common sense you two have displayed toward something I think even the most casual of observers would pick up on.

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    • Who listens to CNBC they are PSUEDO-JOURNALISTS at best\?

      We see PIMCO BIG DADDY SLICK WILLY GROSS on that show but do you ever see those psuedo-journalists ask questions about their funds and why him and his lisping partner haven't been able to capitalize on the 77% premium the collusion bid it upto? Everyone made money on PHK 77% premium at one time except the PHK shareholder! lol

      Bill Gross is to into his own $15K suits and crossing his legs with that slip smile knowing his talent is 2 steps above BUSH LEAGUE. at BEST but everyone pays those fees to PIMCO. A few other teams like the GABELLI FEE MONGER and the CORNERSTONE PONZI like structure are just as bad. I stopped looking at CEF since they are run so poorly and the managers expect to get paid via fees to lose their clients money! lol

      Anyways...Carl and Kelly get some journalistic integrity instead of puppets? Tell you pals as well.

    • I agree, but it is a big world and normally when its cool and wet in area 1 then its hot and dry in some other area to offset. Now if the cool dry area was one of Coke's main consumption areas then sure it is a valid reason.
      Really in the long run the weather will average out so KO should be fine. I'll ad some shares if it goes much lower

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      • I like your comments! I keep forgetting that CNBC is wrapped up in the trade and thus, Short Term is everything.
        On the MACRO side of the equation, as the rest of the world develops a middle class for the very first time in human history, I am confident Coke will participate in that growth!

        Sometimes I just feel like reaching out and slapping such narrow views like that of CNBC ref. coke today! I view it as a dis-service to all the Mom-n-Pops who are retiring and trying to invest on their own for the very first time. In that sense, its irresponsible on the part of CNBC without offering up the fine print like Cramer is forced to show at the start and end of each of his shows.

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