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  • linelong77 linelong77 Aug 15, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

    I drank coke for 50 years and


    Never a problem. If a person is obese its because of psychological problems. Its called self control. I think ko is making a mistake defending themselves period! a person has free will to drink or eat whatever. I want ko to just keep looking to gain market share on PEPSI.

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    • You're right. It should be time people start taking care of themselves instead of blaming beverage companies. It is their own responsibility to watch their own health after all.

    • yahh me too, sleek and slim i am and i drink 1/2 of a can of coca cola per day. however, i do not eat processed foods, only home grown veggies and fruits and farm fresh dairy and meats (here in the Alps that is what is available, there are no fast food places). the truth is that in moderation, sugar is not bad for you, sugar is a natural product UNLIKE aspartame which is some dangerous stuff. KO would be wise not to use aspartame, it is not natural and is a poison, causes migraine headaches and lumps in people's necks and other strange stuff. perhaps the fat folks are eating processed food and blaming it all on coke. here in the Alps the only soft drink available is coca cola and we LUV IT! AND NO ONE IS FAT HERE!

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      • Refined sugar is not a natural product. Neither is corn syrup. Berries and fruits have fructose dispersed within a fiber and cellulose matrix for slow absorption. Corn syrup is worst of all, and induces a potent insulin shock. Refined white flour has a greater insulin response than table sugar.
        Then there's the phosphoric acid in Coke. Why put a potent corrosive ACID in a soft drink?

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