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  • zunk11 zunk11 Mar 13, 2014 7:00 PM Flag

    @$37.54, I'll buy's why

    - 3.25% dividend
    - safest div in the known universe, 51+ years without fail
    - div INCREASES every year
    -safer than a T-bill, with much higher yield
    - price appreciation along with the div!
    - div has survived wars, recessions, crashes, and pays every 90 days

    Buy it, let the divs reinvest in your working years, fund your retirement, then your kids can have the Cokes!
    ...thank me later

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    • I'm a shareholder but I'd be a little careful with KO right now. If the executives are going to behave like crooks that's not a good thing for the stock. Also, it's hard to see soda consumption increasing dramatically in the future with consumers becoming more focused on healthy living.

      There are other good places to go for rock solid and reliable dividends, like KRFT, GIS, AFL, PG, or JNJ. Even MCD is implementing ways to increase the value of its shares while KO is doing the opposite.

      The best source is David Fish's website and spreadsheet tracking dividend aristocrats.

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      • silly_stock- David Fish's CCC chart is indeed an excellent source, and free too!
        I would buy KO when the the div(inverse of price) gets to an historical good yield. I wouldn't worry too much about management, focus on healthy living, etc. You hear negatives about every co. from time to time. But they are Div Champions because they work through it, increase their earnings, and pay the increasing divs for decades. That's what they do, and how they got there.

    • Thanks for the pep talk. I bought it at $42 and been thinking it was a terrible buy.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • mikelgh- yeah, that was a little steep, as you know, but the div and price will eventually catch up. There is always a premium to normal "fair value" with KO- for good reason- it has the most bullet proof increasing divs out there. Pays more than a 10 yr. bond, and increases every year, with price appreciation too. No bond in the world is going to do that for you.

    • @Zunk11, I like your idea. I missed it last time at around $36's and regret it. Now I see an opportunity to own a piece of American icon. But I am a little bit picky on the price you suggested. Hope I can get it down to $37.15. JMHO.

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