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    Coke ?

    I to noticed the disappearance of Coke at my RiteAid...
    And I am in Upstate New York !

    I figured it was an aggressive Pepsi campaign....

    I've also noticed more Pepsi displays in Chain Department stores
    as well !

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    • Rite Aid sales of Coke mean nothing. Look at the world. Coke is a very safe haven - long term. I am putting 2 boys through college on 60 shares I bought each in the mid 80's. Coke is a "tortoise" stock, it may not be the fastest, but look at your return through bull and bear markets in 10 years and smile. If your a rabbit look at tech stocks or biotech for flash in the pan gains(if you are brave enough).

    • If Coke's PE declines to 30, my gosh, that'll mean a 20-25% drop in price. That doesn't worry me, though, I've been properly schooled. The market will always rise (or come back). I'm a long term holder and COKE will always come back. My grand kids (when I have them) will appreciate my persistance holding on through thick and thin. Lets see 25% off 66 would take it to 50!!!! - that's a nice round number, is that bullish?

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