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  • PeteMoose PeteMoose Apr 4, 1998 9:48 AM Flag

    Split? 2

    It seems to me , I remember KO announcing a split last year, but for some reason, it never happened. Does anyone know when the last split was or when the next split might be?


    • The last split for KO was 5/10/96.

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        Dectar (a.k.a. The Wolf)

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    • The last split for KO was 5/20/96.

    • If I recall it was Coca-Cola enterprise that had a 3-1 split. I dont see a split happening till we get 100's. Its run up too quick for a split to happen. I do not think these levels are stable to justify stability at these levels. Besides, I think it split,what, a year ago? or year and 1/2 ago.

    • Sorry, but you may be mistaken. I'm sure that someone here would remember a split announcement last year. What you may be remembering is the 2-1 split in May, 1996 @ approx. 80. Otherwise, you may be referring to the split "rumors" which began when KO hit in the low 70s last Sept/Oct (before the October market dive). Split rumors for this stock (and for many stocks) build up when it nears its last split price.
      As you probably know, KO is now over that mark so split inquiries are growing at a faster rate than 1st quarter case volume deliveries.

      Good Luck. Hope you own KO.


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