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    My name is James Edward Grenier and in 1995 I developed a solution to stop
    nuclear missiles from striking a protected spot. The first part of the
    solution stops a terrorist nuclear attack on a protected spot.
    The rest of the solution stops all other missiles from striking a protected

    In 1995, I contacted The United States Congress and showed them the first
    part of the strategic defense and they were very happy. Congress wants my plan
    but politics is the problem. Hence, I need my plan
    Published to large audiences so that the public will urge Congress to buy my
    defense. Today a terrorist or foreign nation with nuclear arms can destroy The
    United States.

    I need your help.

    You can publish my strategic defense in two layers for free as I plan to
    get paid a standard percentage of all revenues from Congress. You may publish
    the terrorist nuclear defense first; and then, I can furnish you with the rest
    of the defense, so that you can publish it.


    James E. Grenier


    1. We will need at least two jets per protected spot. These jets are to be
    made to fly to an altitude of 70,000 feet (13.25 miles). I know that if the
    engines provide their own oxygen then these jets can be made to fly to a higher
    altitude, but to save money, I suggest using jets that do not provide their own

    2. We will need at least one and maybe a cluster of thermal nuclear bombs
    that must be provided by the government. These 30-megaton nuclear bombs are to
    be the most powerful type- an atom bomb inside
    detonates a second radioactive material which allows the heat at the epicore to
    reach 15 million degrees Celsius.

    3. A large net, that is mostly a few long ropes, is to be attached to the
    nuclear bombs. This huge net is to be larger than the protected spot-over
    twenty miles apart. The bomb or bombs are to be attached at the center.

    4. We will need a dual radar system. The extended or distant radar system
    is both the satellite radar system and the worldwide radar tower system (at
    least six towers). This will pinpoint the path of the incoming enemy warhead
    from its origin.
    The second radar system is at the protected spot. Its radar system
    is similar to an airport's radar system.

    The two radar systems are to be integrated so that the exact path of
    the incoming nuclear missile can be plotted from its origin to the protected

    When a terrorist fires an enemy nuclear warhead at a protected spot, the
    jets are to take flight. Each jet is to take up a portion of the net, which is
    carrying the 30-megaton nuclear bomb or bombs. The jets are to fly in a
    circular path around the protected spot. Within a few minutes, the net will be
    suspended 13.25 miles above the protected spot. When the incoming nuclear
    missile flies into the net (actually a little before it) the bomb or bombs will
    be timed to go off. Please note that today's computers can time the flight of
    the jets so that the incoming nuclear warhead would nearly physically strike
    the nuclear bomb. A small atomic bomb should easily stop the incoming nuclear
    warhead, but the 30-megaton bomb should be used as it raises the temperature
    from about one million degrees Celsius to about 15 million degrees Celsius.
    However, if one would like to be extremely safe, a cluster of nuclear
    bombs can be used in the net. What this would do is sphere that is incredibly
    hot. The distance between the bombs should be as far as possible so the size
    of the sphere is maximized.

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