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  • cpqdiscounts cpqdiscounts Apr 24, 1998 9:11 AM Flag

    Buffet buying MO

    That's the word, he likes bargains

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    • where did you hear that ?Buffett has stated at a stockholders meeting when asked about tabbaco stocks , said that they meet his requirements for simple business but "in turn they kill people "
      the stockholder he was talking to said " i am glad to hear you say that. If he is buying mo i am diaappointed .

    • Danish Brewer Carlsburg was told by the EU that if they
      wanted to keep their distribution and sales deal which
      they made last year with Coca Cola for rights to Denmark
      and Sweden they would have to sell all their shares in
      their countries second largest brewer Bryggerigruppen.
      This is important for it is similiar to asking
      Anheuser Busch to sell their breweries in Milwaukee if
      they had an exclusive right to sell KO in Wisconsin. This
      just doesn't happen. For a brewer to give up a leadership
      position in their industry for a sales and distribution
      contract with an outside company. To do this they must
      feel that they will make a tremendous amount of money,
      maybe two to three times what they would have made with
      Bryggerigruppen. That is the power Of KO and it potential
      for the future is enormous. Companies in foriegn countries
      are tripping over each other in order to get exclusive
      sales and distribution rights.
      Don't worry about todays or next years price, for anyone
      who sticks around for the long run will be rewarded
      in spades. The PE that people always worry about does not
      include the trademark "Coca Cola" and Warren Buffett has
      that he would need $100 billion to even think about
      competing against KO, and he still wouldn't do it for
      KO has a 100 years of market entrenchment. No one will
      ever take the leadership position away from KO for it is
      part of the national fabric of every country in the world
      as apple pie is to America. What other product can you
      name that has such name recognition. Don't even bother
      thinking about it for there is none!!!!!!!
      GO KO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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