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  • takemycash takemycash Aug 27, 1998 1:55 PM Flag

    cashed out

    I bought in last year at 60 and cashed out on
    Monday at 79 1/2. I read many of the posts here and am
    glad I didn't get swayed either way to hold or sell
    other than that I saw that the market was still
    dropping. I wanted my money available to buy Coke again at

    I believe that many posters here are
    propogating their views based on what they have in their
    pockets. If I had a private agenda I would have pumped the
    stock to get out at a higher amount. I was trying to go
    long term on Coke but the market is its own reality,
    not what is said here. Follow your own instinct, do
    your own homework, if you don't the barracudas will
    have you for lunch!!!


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    • Now you have upset me . Do you have McGuffie
      first reader they tell you when to use upper case.

      We used typewriters in the army only had upper case
      they call them MILLS. We use them to copy morse code
      But if you want to be a redneck you got to get rid of
      all your world-ley posessions and begin with O and
      then get wealthy on your own. and talk to folks like
      you want to come see them and bring them nice gifts
      and stuff like that.

    • are a gentleman and a scholar for

      yes..just cause we have some different beliefs
      (opinions) on the market doesn't mean we can't be
      friends...and maybe even learn something far as being
      a yankee... After 26 yrs here in One begins
      to feel at least a bit like a native...even if not a
      redneck.(blackeyed peas on jan 1 is it?)

      you sure you want
      this stuff in caps? (i thought that was

    • The autumn winds are beginning to sigh in the
      trees, the cold is coming, and the bears that you
      mention will be looking for a warm place to begin their
      long hibernation. I believe that we will have some
      serious fun waking them up come year


    • We are just lovely, a calm peace has settled in
      over the chicken coops since the buzzards have had a
      meal .They get real nervous when the bears are hungry
      and have bottom fed without leaving a scrap for the
      vultures or the maggots. It is amazing how a man can lie
      to rip you off and then get upset because the pore
      folks don't smile while they are getting their pockets
      Anyway the pore sheep have lost their wool
      again and maybe never to return again to the market but
      the advice of Warren would have prevented this
      stampeed just dont look at the daily hysteria and you
      won't be tempted to participate. Buy a good company,
      become a partner , hire the best to run it and get the
      hell out of the way. The rewards will come over time

    • I am glad to see that you gentlemen did not stop
      buying or drinking Coca Cola on Monday, as did the other
      5.5 billion residents of this planet. It is terrible,
      is it not, when the brand name of your product is so
      notorious worldwide that the term "Coke" is applied
      matter-of-factly to any cola beverage, much like the term
      "Kleenex" is to tissue paper. I guess the guys at pep don't
      mind, though, since they are such good

      Best Regards,


    • OK Larry, with a handle like yours, it ought to
      be easy to guess who you are. Anyhow, these message
      boards are fun, and informative, although this board has
      had a rather strong negative bent of

      Have a good one, and don't worry, KO's P/E will likely
      get higher


    • do you have time to sell a
      Coasta Rican oil deal if you are posting all of these
      messages.........your Coke stock will not make you a living at this PE.
      It is however closer to being a good buy than it was
      a while back.

    • We should see $80 about 5 years after the drop
      Good luck, long term you should average 16% not
      the big gains of the last few years. All the
      best---John ( still short,
      waiting for bottom in a few

    • Peace dude! (o: Since you are now in to mutual respect how about lightening up on my friend notbuffett in a respectful and tolerant way, of course. ALWAYS COCA-COLA!!!!

    • My position is clear. I'm short; I hope it goes
      down. I like this board, but I think it can be even
      better if we communicate with mutual respect and a
      tolerance for each others' viewpoints. If that's
      subversive, just call me an agent provacateur. Have a good

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