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  • cash2burn cash2burn Sep 16, 1998 11:26 AM Flag

    AJ Rocker, Are all Canadians like you? I

    I am and continue to be flabergasted by you an
    individual who proclaims to be a person of and in fact is a
    Christian. To this, I say, your behavior does not reflect a
    person of the faith. Instead of being outraged by
    Clinton's betrayal to the ten commandments and at the very
    least the trust given him by the American people, you
    are complacient and tend to worry only about your own
    pocket book. I guess that my question to you and to the
    other folks like you boarders on who do you worship,
    God or money? Do you and the prople simular in
    thought to you believe in God's law, the Ten
    Commandments, or what?
    The above statement and questions
    should be food for thought, not a demand for a
    retalitory rebuttal; they are just a simple view of your
    behavior and writtings.


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    • cars and the like. Did you know that Canadians
      have at their disposal a great opportunity. They can
      cross over to the U.S. and purchase street rods,
      prostreets and classics w/o paying any duty. That's the one
      law they have down


      P.S. I currently own a '39 2dr. Chev. sedan w/ a 402 BB w/ auto tran, p.s. and air cond., a jet black
      beauty w/ tan leather insides.

    • finally understanding why Canada/ citizens/policies and OT are so screwed up!!

    • so ancious to "cut a deal" why not let due process and order take its course, why?, 'cause Clinton knows he is a lying scamp and he is scared, that's why!!!!!!


    • slain in a mofia style killing? and Viencent, Hillary's law partner, and the missing billing reports , Huh?

    • you OK..we havn't heard from you for a while....maybe notbuffett could post a chicken story for us.....would that cheer you up

    • small world (well, not anymore i
      guess)........not a native....born Pgh PA........moved to trenton
      in still up brother
      works for det edison....wifes family still in
      wyandotte... had a good friend in flint... neice lives in
      grand rapids....lansing.... my sister went to school at
      central MI (mt pleasant?) I went to school in big
      rapids.....also lawrence tech.....moved to toledo about 67 and
      FLA about 72....

      ilse.......woodward avenue drive ins....bobblo.......sugar
      island....duffys by boat (canada side of

    • Amen to all of the above contained in your
      excellent message. Such ineptitude has not been evinced in
      a US President since Jimmy Carter was attacked by a
      mad jack rabbit in the Susquehanna River, or since
      the three special forces helicopters collided while
      "rescuing" the Iran hostages earlier in the Carter debacle.
      The one thing endemic to such ineptitude is that it
      invariably spreads from the top down. Carter's "energy
      czar", james Schlesinger, was famous for telling the
      Canadians that we would be happy to pay them $4.70 per mcf
      (thousand cubic feet) of natural gas, and then turning
      around and telling Mexico that we would only pay $2.70
      per mcf for their gas...he later wondered why Mexico
      turned down his offer. Carter, Clinton, and Gore, these
      three have everything in common, including double digit
      IQ's and being able to stumble in any situation...the
      three of them together could destroy any empire ever

      As for Bill's peace in Ireland, well, the "real" IRA
      is still out there; it will be much like the
      Kissinger peace accord in Vietnam, I


    • coke will not buy orangina France said no!!
      more info on the KO message board of

    • Many of the alternatives to Slick Willie are
      unappealing (to put it mildly). To say nothing of his
      politics, Gore is damaged goods. Given the vast amount of
      skeletons rattling around in his closet, the odds are
      better than 50% that he is indicted or impeached (as
      opposed to eventually serving as President). The selling
      of U.S. elections & national security (satellite &
      missile technology) to the Red Chinese will dwarf the
      Lewinsky mess when it finally explodes & Gore was in the
      thick of it. Reno has sat on this for as long as she
      possibly could - so much so that both DOJ Campaign Task
      Force Chief Charles LaBella and FBI Director Louis
      Freeh have publicly sparred with her over her refusal
      to appoint an independent counsel to investigate the
      matter. Reno recently ordered a 90-day preliminary
      investigation into the illegalities of Al's money-grubbing
      during the last campaign. While the investigation could
      (and should) result in the appointment of and
      Independent Counsel to investigate the matter, the timing of
      her decision means that the appointment will be
      delayed until after the 11/98 elections. Reno herself, as
      you may recall, was recently cited for contempt by
      the House Govt. Reform Committe for refusing to
      cooperate with its investigation of the matter.
      Stonewalling, obstruction of justice, contempt: she's quite the
      Clinton team player.

      Re Starr: Starr had a court-issued warrant when he
      requested that the FBI wire Linda Tripp so that the FBI
      could tape Tripp's conversations with Lewinsky. Thus,
      Starr broke no wire-tapping laws. If the wire was
      illegal, then any evidence obtained from it could be
      suppressed by the court.

      Clinton has already
      succeeded in destroying U.S. credibility around the world.
      For proof, pick a fiasco from the past 6 years (Iraq,
      Kosovo, Korea, Somalia, Afganistan-Iran, Russia, etc.)
      and try to explain the following: 1) Decisive action
      initiated by the U.S. to respond to the situation (or
      pre-emptive actions designed to mitigate it), and, 2)
      successful results derived from that action. I tried and
      only found a long list of failures. The "peace" in
      Ireland comes close, but I'll believe that when I see

      It appears that we are stuck with Slick Willie until
      the bitter end. My biggest fear is not an impeachment
      and the many unknowns that would accompany it. On the
      contrary, impeachment would be a cathartic, cleansing
      process, reaffirming that no man is bigger than the law
      and that Clinton has not left a permanent stain on
      our institutions (no pun intended). Rather, my fear
      is that the public will shrug off the whole affair
      and that the great Houdini will be allowed to escape
      another one, setting a damaging precedent by pushing down
      our democratic framework to keep his feeble
      presidency afloat.

      Anyways, food for thought. He was
      a loser and a minor President even before his
      (multiple) personal weaknesses and failings pulled the plug
      on his Ship of State. Best Regards.

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