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    • Hey man, I do more than sandwiches. Last week I
      went to a church fund raiser and had delicious
      bar-b-qued beef brisket and calf fries (mountain oysters)
      and all trimmings. Turkey dinner a few days before
      and spaghetti dinner at my church Sunday. Don't cook
      a lot for just myself except keep homemade stew and
      chili in freezer. I do the "sandwich" thing when I have
      to close store and get in a little late and want to
      watch a ball game and play on 'puter instead of cook.
      All of the above goes great with our KO. Hope you got
      warm. Still cold here, but wind died down. Yes, I
      prefer cool to summer. And I will always keep the KO's.

    • you have to get off that sandwich stuff and get
      down to good ol' sound really excited
      about cold weather comng in...please keep it there,
      thank you...had 2 cold nights with fireplace blazing
      away...sure does smell good when you go outside to get more
      firewood...not too many fireplaces in this part of ga/mostly
      just for "show" kinds that yankees like to look at but
      don't want to really know, you have to clean
      them out once in a while, and they're too busy keeping
      up with the pinestraw and cones...actually a tourist
      can by today and asked if they could pick up some
      cones to take out 3 plastic bags and said
      they're all yours and thanks...maybe that and spanish
      moss ...could just be a cottage industry like
      arkbabies...what you think? ms. texie, with all that work you do,
      please eat more than sandwiches...keep the cokes...will
      send you good ole deviled crab, if you'd like;
      that's the menu tonite...think brunswick stew is
      supposed to be the local specialty, but not into doing all
      those strange ingredients in one pot...seems that
      roadkill is part of the recipe on occasion...good to hear
      from you again, ms. texie...culater...jekyll

    • It would be nice if a third party became viable
      in a truly national sense; the problem is that such
      a mechanism always draws the conservative votes
      away from where they are needed, hence they become a
      guarantee to the demos of an electoral victory when they
      otherwise would have lost (vis-a-vis 1996.) There is no
      apparent way to circumvent this, especially with the demos
      talking out of every side of their mouths, saying
      anything and everything to appeal to everyone, and never
      being taken to task for this by the media.


    • Need some moisture, huh? Week-end before last on
      Friday and Saturday, we picked up 4 1/2 inches of much
      needed rain. Then the next day on Sunday, 2 1/2 inches
      of real wet snow. A few sprinkles during this week
      and only sun one day. Today, very windy, cold and a
      little mist, a little rain and a little sleet. Supposed
      to get to 28 tonight in Amarillo so will get a
      little colder here due to being north of there. Should
      freeze hard enough for maize harvest to get into full
      swing. First freeze wasn't cold enough nor long enough.
      Need at least 2 hours of hard freeze at 28 or below.
      Think it will be tonight. Wish I could send you some of
      the moisture.

      Where is our "Buffy"? Haven't
      seen him around much. I haven't been around much
      either, though. Working and all that stuff, but I love it
      and am thankful I am healthy enough to keep it up.
      The more I work, the more I can drink and drip that

      I am having a KO right now with a sandwich while
      watching the Steelers(24) and Packers(ZIPPO). Any sandwich
      is a banquet to me if you have fresh bread and a big
      frosty KO!

      Best regards.


    • would love to do it, but will have to wait for my
      next trip to the nw territories to get good
      salmon...after 3 tries at it down here, they still serve puny
      little greyish things they pass off as salmon, but they
      need major help on fish management or just not promote
      that fish here as same...all regions have their
      specialties..sea trout are good here and shrimp are
      wonderful...just leave the salmon for a nw time i
      trip to oregon, will post you to get good source of
      mesquite for the fire...jekyll

    • Got some more wet stuff comming tonight to
      supplement the wet stuff we have had the last 4 days. Will
      try and bag some up for u and send it.
      Hmmmmm.........does it have an expiration date? Better think about
      selling my stock in water if it does. Damn!

      (wet) Wizard

    • you know, "the body" is sounding more reasonable
      the more you listen to everyone else...rep&demos are
      all melding to the center/populist position...btw,
      did you read the cover story in time magazine on
      corporate welfare...have been following the story with jax
      and their new hotel fiasco, and it fits the bill on
      that least coke has not been a party to that
      and i'm proud of it...send some wet stuff are way,
      king/texie/wiz...could use it ...but not in oodles and bunches,
      please...this dry weather is good for the tourists but not too
      great for the locals' gardens...heard at the market the
      pecan crop is just about that's a fine
      prospect for the holiday buying
      didn't hit a single sunday talk show that i know
      of...trent lott dunn from wa state held her own
      with the "big boys" though...culater...jekyll

    • It would be nice if we could find some Republicans who did not act so much like the democrats...As for Carville, he can now go after Trent Lott (with my full support!)


    • Righto, Juanito. The fed was inaugurated in 1913,
      along with the IRS, both of which caused Teddy
      Roosevelt to abandon the Republican Party of the time, and
      go off and start the Bull Moose Party...He said at
      the time, "You will be putting the US currency in
      private hands (with the fed), and you will make liars and
      cheats of the American people (of the


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