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  • DrZaiusrules DrZaiusrules Dec 10, 1998 10:48 AM Flag

    Just checking in

    to say my Dec 70 puts are looking very good. HAve a nice day

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    • you are absolutely right..ofcourse...(you know that huh)...just thought i'd add the weekly chart also appears to confirm what your indicators are showing

      thanks a bunch!!

    • sell signal on clearstation I assume you are
      talking about the MACD beginning to trend down a few days
      ago. This is not, in itself, a sell signal, but
      instead it is an indication of weakness. The other
      indicators must be evaluated to ascertain whether they
      support or conflict with the MACD's signal. The Histogram
      is negative, but improving, and the stochastic is
      just turning to a buy signal. In light of these
      indicators it looks like KO has bottomed out and is
      improving. The MACD is a slow moving indicator and will take
      days to unfold the true picture. If you go to and look at a 6 month daily chart for KO you will
      se that the SAR which is also a slow moving
      indicator, akin to the MACD, is about to intersect the
      rising price graph and go to a buy signal. This confirms
      the position of the stochastic and the improvement in
      the Histogram and tells us that we have indeed hit
      bottom. Therefore to summarise, by reading all the
      indicators and using each one to tell the part of the story
      that the indicator specializes in you can get a clear
      picture of the overall direction of the stock and make
      better investments. Hope this has not been too long
      winded and somewhat useful.
      For technical analysis
      presented in easy to understand language with the aid of
      annotated charts to enable all investors to actively
      participate in evaluating market conditions visit

    • seems the market has good things to say about
      coke's position with the euro...maybe that's the turning
      point for ko (as in UP) to you and don't forget
      to e-mail your congressperson...and where are the
      wise words of our pal not buffett when we really need

    • judging from his post, it may be a while before he has his first MILLION! HA HA HA HA HA GO KO GO KOKOLAMAN

    • I know it is disturbing to believe Wall St. would
      pull our leg but my Capt. Marvel de-coder ring is
      usually right about that stuff. Looks like a tsunami
      headed at the Slick Meister. I sure hope he doesn't get

    • momentum is everything. If your friend wants to
      buy feb 55 puts on ko, then i can only assume that
      he/she wants to create a capital loss to offset
      financial gains he/she has made in his/her fiscal year in
      the stock market. Ha ha ho ho har


      p.s. (why do you think they call me "rallymode?")

    • like i said, with 2 upgrades in the last 2 days,
      with a positive close yesterday in the face of a dow
      plunge, and with an excellent advance today, i predict
      the next stop for this fine stock is $70. Any
      questions from the non-believers? Sorry, kokolaman: if the
      gentleman to whom you refer wishes to write dec 55 puts on
      ko, i submit to you he is trying to create a loss to
      offset any taxable gains he may have realized this
      fiscal year. Hee hee.


      p.s. (why do you think they call me "rallymode?")

    • Surely you are not suggesting that Goldman S*chs
      and the Wall Street day lizards have ulterior motives
      in their daily round of upgrades and downgrades.
      Heaven Forbid! But yes, at some point , they (C) will
      have written down their bad paper and become a
      bargain, again.


    • Is there any way you can get your message to storn68 from msg.# 11103 who just bought Feb. 55 puts on KO? HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR GO KO KOKOLAMAN

    • momentum means everything. Right now, this
      company is the hottest stock in town. An upgrade on
      friday, an upgrade on monday, a positive close yesterday
      (in spite of the dow's collapse), a nice positive
      position all day today...if coca cola closes to the upside
      today, and especially if the dow closes down, then 70 is
      the next stop for this stock. Remember: in spite of
      the sell signals you may spite of the high
      p/e, i have learned through personal experience that
      ko is an extremely resilient


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