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  • TheSqueezeIsOn TheSqueezeIsOn Apr 22, 1999 5:54 PM Flag

    Who are the Brown nosers? eom


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    • You had us worried sick sure glad to see you are
      still computing and hope you get paid for your oil
      pretty soon.
      I am about ready to retire I am tard and
      still pore and lifeless as ever but Allenplace is
      looking for some cheap property that I can afford in Fla
      but so far he just found a leased dock for a million
      and I hate to live in a damn getto.
      The boy is
      from up north and he don't know what a big Plantation
      looks like I guess.
      I hate to sell my chickens
      especially the 500 that we have named .
      But time and tide
      waits for very few any more.
      Keep digging and
      pumping and stay in touch we was worried sick about
      Your friend unless in need

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    • mikedwithyourbadbreathonionrings mikedwithyourbadbreathonionrings Jun 1, 1999 8:44 PM Flag

      Long distance service-- everyone has it, everyone needs it, you might as well get paid for using it--

    • that stuff to those po' folk in buckhead...the
      po' gov' and those types just might not be able to
      take it...the cats, dogs, poultry types just might get
      their dander up good...but, come to think of it, the
      buckhead diner just might need a few new good, when you get to ray's on the river, they have a
      little pond thing...just toss some of those capons out
      and let them swim with those tourist fed ducks and
      see what might happen to those rich folk coming for a
      quiet candle-lit dinner...

      pure poetry, my
      man...let 'er rip.....

      still on jekyll

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    • I know how to get out of here very well, just
      quit paying the mortgage,then its

      Smile and the world smiles with you
      cry and you cry
      The sad old earth will share your mirth
      But its
      got trouble of its own.
      Im so lonely.

      were making little tanning strecher boards for tanning
      cat hides when it happened. They are hard to find at
      the cats are a problem they are all different sizes
      and the boards only come is tabby wide and Simese
      narrow and there is a lot of mixing of the
      the most amazing sight you ever saw is when we pass a
      greyhound track and the dogs forget about the rabbit their
      Ever see a red neck driving a Cat skinning two ton
      flat bed truck being nearly outrun by a pack of
      greyhounds and yelping The noise always causes an uproar
      when we go thru Buckhead .
      I found that if you just
      toss them a live cat it keeps them occupied for enough
      time to get away.
      I have a new bumper sticker just
      bought it says ( so many cats so few recipes).
      is pure poetry ain't it?

    • stuck where it shouldn't be...along with another wonder you get no sympathy...watching too much
      tool time taylor in all that free time while gazing at
      that growing chicken flock/herd...what's poor wiz
      going to do with no inventory now that you're selling
      it off to some dumb redneck thing
      for to have that little investment in ko
      than in the chicken/cat/rat/squirrel business...oh
      yes, sir, do you know your herricane evacuation route
      out of them thar hills?

      best to you, buffy,
      and our ko..........jekyll

    • I got hurt while my brain was resting and I have
      learned another thing not to do . I was changing bits in
      a router that came on and that is my story and I am
      sticking to it.
      I should have unplugged it and I will
      in the future.
      The most painful thing was (the
      long wait on a Saturday afternoon on a holiday
      week-end) the doctor was Chinese American army Major from
      Ft. Benning moonlight on the weekend.
      He decided
      it was too gross for him and transferred me to
      another hospital and then another wait. The nurse gave me
      a sticker to wear advising everyone to be nice to
      me that day but the day was over when I got home
      about midnight.
      I didn't notice any change in the
      niceness level around here. then I checked the KO board
      and that was no help so whats a boy to do?
      learned to type in school but have reverted to two
      fingers since my hands don't fit the keyboard now I got
      teach my middle finger what my index finger was doing
      by reflex.
      The chickens are roosting and I
      haven't heard a single one say anything funny for a long
      I do have a grandson that finished G. Tech a year
      ago and is busy supervising the construction of
      chicken places to eat.That may be why the chickens have
      been quiet lately.
      He has built a couple out your
      way, Grapevine for one. so the chickens in TX are in
      Are the children of yours in Korea are home yet? I
      will be getting hollered at for all this off topic
      stuff but I
      need to rebel every once in a while. I
      have Rebel in my blood (just 2 generation back) So if
      you see any smoke on the eastern horizon you will
      know I am being attacked.
      Good to hear from you and
      stay in touch I may need a place of refuge any
      your friend and mine

    • This is the 2nd message I have read about your
      finger and/or thumb. What did you do? Were you building
      furniture or chasing chickens? Must have been the chickens,
      right? Please tell us the story. Jekyll and I want to
      hear a good chicken story. Inquiring minds, ya' know?
      KO's to you and seriously, hope your hand is OK. Texie

    • Boy its good to hear a smiling face.
      You know
      these chickens are not laying good stories much anymore
      but did it ever occur what your name would have been
      if you had married John . (jekyll John) now that
      funny and then there is the other name.
      I have been
      mutilating my fingers and have not had much smile on my
      prutty face lately but time heals most all I hope.
      now got a 300 dollar thumb on one hand and god and a
      plastic surgon only know what the other hand is worth

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