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  • NortherlyWaves NortherlyWaves Jun 22, 1999 10:34 AM Flag

    No QC= *Meaningless* Coke Assurances

    Mixing syrup and carbonated water must be
    dauntingly complex!

    Coke seems to 1) have NO quality
    control to detect sulfur compounds/other impurities in
    carbon dioxide. Lots of low and high tech solutions are
    available-- including some French nostrils.

    *Incredible* that a manufacturing plant would have no
    analytical equipment or procedure to check incoming raw
    materials. They are only producing a product supported by a
    gizillion dollar marketing campaign.

    2) Where are
    their agreements with suppliers to assure that
    cresol-laden wood is not received. What's next, lead paint on
    on equipment that Coke needed in an "emergency," or
    pesticides unapproved for a food plant?

    A decently
    run manufacturing outfit would have dotted these i's
    in the very early stages.

    Coke is playing in
    a European market that takes food saftey
    seriously--forget the cynical call to the PR/Spin folks and
    marionette politicians. They gotta come clean---and make

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    • just_arrived_from_another_galaxy just_arrived_from_another_galaxy Jun 24, 1999 12:49 AM Flag

      <>We need to replenish our supply of THE
      REAL THING...And so we ask : do they have that
      substance known as 'bran' in your small part of this small
      world? <>Excuse us for not communicating with you
      in your native tongue. Our manners are in their
      incipient stage of development, and our communication
      skills quite primitive. In that respect at least, we all
      have something in common<!>

    • Only 0.2% of world population but more than 3% of the global economy. Just enough to wipe the growth off Coke away.

    • Let's face it. If all KO products were banished in Belgium, it wouldn't amount to a pimple on a gnats heine, HAR HAR //ALWAYS COCA-COLA

    • What we got was necessary to build up things that
      damaged during the battle of the Bulge. And guess who was
      co-responsible for the damage? Another thing that you Americans

      Castro is doing everything he can so his people has the
      basic necessities. Another thing that is worth thinking
      of their is a new nationalistic movement in Europe
      coming up, this movement is for a Europe of the nations
      AGAINST the US.
      I personally am not an anti-American,
      but I find that you need to act less arrogant
      don't interfere with someone else�s business, if they
      don't interfere with yours." )))

      I could not in
      a hundred years made my case better than this young
      man from Belgium. The truth will set you free and
      this is tonight a free man. When your congressman
      seeks to increase foreign aid next time remember this
      honest young man.When Coke-Cola get grounded remember
      this honest young man.You can not improve on the
      message he has given.He thinks The USA was the cause of
      WWll and when the Americans pulled the Nazis off his
      ancestors land and ran over a power pole he wants the
      Americans to pay for the pole. Logic is logic I say.If your
      house is on fire and you call the fire dept. and they
      break down a door and pull your burning ass out of the
      house , now you want the fireman to pay for the door
      and give , having lost one of his buddies helping put
      out your fire. You want him to pay you for maring
      your yard. Hell you may be the craziest dumb jerk on
      the face of the earth. They should have let your damn
      house burn.Anyone that lost a son defending your sorry
      ass I feel a deep pain for them and for you utter
      contempt.An ungrateful dirtbag .

    • Rev Jim Bob has read your recent tirades and with
      the help of a good psychiatrist has determined the
      following: 1. You have a somewhat deep anti-American bias.
      2. You are suffering from a strong lack of
      self-esteem, especially because you are the citizen of a tiny,
      no-nothing, do-nothing backward country. 3. You mistakenly
      determined Coca-Cola is to blame for all your deficiencies,
      and therefore decided to bash the huge American
      corporation which is everything you cannot be, i.e., World
      renowned, successful, popular, and loved all over the
      globe. Now ole Rev Jim Bob has done his share of
      counseling in his time and this is what he prescribes: To
      better understand how to succeed on a world stage you
      should go to Moscow and then Habana, Cuba and study at
      the feet of the grand masters who created the Utopian
      Workers Paradise these two fine countries represent.
      Report back here to us on what Belgium, Russia and Cuber
      have done to make this a better world for all its
      citizens. Good Luck Werner and God Speed! Rev Jim Bob of
      Rev Jim Bob Ministries, Inc.( Our primary concern is
      your mental health!)

      read the profile
      Where do you think waterloo is,
      flanders fields ever heard of the battle of the bulge.
      Julius Cesar ones said from all gaul belgians are the


    • I know this man/woman/indian
      By the shores of
      Getcheguma stood the wigwam of Nacomis daughter of the
      Friend to Hiawatha. When the wind did blow and all the
      sky was cold into the warm and secret place stood
      miniha ha.
      This man is an indian spy says

    • time. Read this. I apologize to those that
      weren't bashing Belgium. But this comes close to what we
      think about the us. Some facts straight. Mainly things
      that americans like to forget in their cinematic view
      of the world. Get your history

      Now please stop putting the blame on someone else.
      Your company made a mistake. And they are paying
      bigtime for it. Just drank another Pepsi. Yesterday it
      was virgin, but I don't like Virgin that much. Pepsi
      is ok. I'm used of drinking Coke just like more than
      80% of our population. Until know Pepsi and other
      brands weren't even worth mentioning. But to be honnest,
      I'm discovering a world outside Coke. Canada dry is
      good, so is Ice tea and a lot of other softdrinks.
      Mainly beers are having good times. Onlike in the US it
      is allowed to drink beer on the street and even by
      minors. Yet there are almost no problems of alcoholism
      like in the us.

      BTW Belgium has the lowest
      poverty estimate in the world. If you don't believe me
      search and you'll find.
      Average income in Belgium is
      higher than in Germany. And for those of you that
      suggested that a job at Coca Cola is a dream job. Think
      again. Main research of for example Johnson&Johnson
      (isn't that an american company?, if you are so smart
      why do you need us to think?)
      is done here in
      Belgium. NATO-headquarters, EU-headquarters, and so on
      .... Antwerp is the second largest chemical
      manufacturing site in the world (or was it the
      Here you can find the products that are banned

    • English: You are making jokes I presume you do
      not speak French and so I must tell you your chicken
      jokes amuse very young children but it is very late in
      Selne and my child is sleeping. Maybe you know not the
      time in my country is 7 hrs later than you New York .
      Maybe you know maybe not. I hope you will understand
      France is your friend and you speak very ugly of my
      country and is not funny to French . Very ugly American I
      citizen of France
      French: Vous faites des
      plaisanteries que je pr�sume vous ne parlez pas fran�ais et
      ainsi je dois vous dire que vos plaisanteries de poulet
      amusent les enfants tr�s en bas �ge mais il est tr�s tard
      dans Selne et mon enfant dort. Peut-�tre vous savez
      que pas le temps dans mon pays est 7 heures plus
      tardif que vous New York. Peut-�tre vous savez peut-�tre
      pas. J'esp�re vous comprendrez que la France est votre
      ami et vous parlez tr�s laid de mon pays et n'�tes
      pas dr�le au fran�ais. Am�ricain tr�s laid je crois
      citoyen de la France

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