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  • stockgamblertryingmyluck stockgamblertryingmyluck Apr 27, 2000 10:54 PM Flag

    Dividend 2

    No one on this board has mentioned KO's
    Dividend is in fact not negligible. At current price,
    dividend of $0.68 a share is almost 1.5% return per year.
    Capital reinvestment for KO to grow is so small that they
    can reserve a big part of their profit for dividend
    and yet they still have money left to buy back their
    Still, they maintain a 12-15% growth rate and
    dividend they give increases consistently.

    I think
    risk of buying KO at current price is very low for an
    long term investor. Ko should have found it's bottom

    • I asked that same question (about PEP) at the PEP
      board about a month ago, but never got any response
      either. Perhaps nobody knows, or perhaps they have been
      silenced by the evil shorts! (except for Mikie; he's not
      evil, of course).

    • I-Watch have any validity? I noticed KO's chart
      for Friday(and now Monday) is almost all blue and
      that 75%(today 50%) of the trades were

      institutional. The amount of blue and institutional trades is
      much higher for KO than any other
      stock that I
      checked. Can this be a good sign of things to


    • Ok, Ok I'll lay off bdparts!
      I'm just feeling perky and mischievious. hehehe

    • is not to be used to determine if the dividend is
      too high. Net Income is what is left after all costs
      and from that, dividends are paid. Dividends even
      come after taxes.

      Check the chart. The dividend
      is higher than net income for the last fiscal year.
      This means the company got smaller even though it had
      profits. It returned all profits to stockholders and then
      gave some retained earnings from the previous year.

      No company can continue to do this and I don't think
      KO will. We agree, the current fiscal year will
      probably be profitable and will be higher than last year.
      But, I doubt that KO will come anywhere close to $1.50
      a share, which would give it a PE of 30 at the
      current stock price.

      You are correct that the
      company directors and officers, along with supporting
      investment houses know more than we do about future
      prospects. All I'm doing is looking at the past four years
      and have a hard time believing the company will turn
      around in a year.

      For those who own KO stock, I
      hope you are right. If Daft pulls that off, he will be
      man of the year.

    • you such a weenie?-----


      You do have a certain flair with words '-) Now I
      don't mind you getting me in trouble with canu, because
      I am always getting in trouble with canu. But I
      think bdparts is a Berkshire Hataway shareholder whose
      interest in KO is probably genuine. I am not sure I have
      the time to dig through musty archives to answer his
      questions, but I have it on my to do list.

      Take care
      bowboe, and please, for my sake:

      Never wear white
      shoes before Easter or after Labor Day, never chew gum
      in public, and NEVER date your sorority sister's
      ex-husband until at least three years after the divorce :-)
      We bowboes have to keep up appearances '-)

    • you such a weenie?-----

      "Why do you have to be sarcastic?"

    • >>>(Canu: I think only india and russia
      may require write-offs as KO want to develop these
      markets rapidly and these markets is not doing well now.

      I can only present the KO and/or KO bottler
      writeoff territories I know about so far:

      Russia, U.S., Latin America, Brazil, Venezuela,
      Philippines, S. Korea, Germany, Eastern Europe.

      most of these were not

      >>>Bottler in other area might not need write off as long as
      they don't realize a big loss that may make them
      bankrupt or make KO think the bottler will not be able to
      operate anymore unless after a write-off. What do you

      Actually, I think some bottlers can writeoff and keep it
      off of KO's books. Look at CC-Amatil's huge writeoffs
      in the Philippines and S. Korea. First note that
      they bought these companies/assets from KO just 2-3
      years ago, and already almost a billion in writeoff.
      But, even though KO owns ~40% of Amatil, the writeoff
      of February is not on KO's books because Australia
      assets were "written up". So to a KO shareholder, I
      think that the accounting is not reflecting reduced
      business prospects in these regions. Because at CC-Amatil,
      the Philippines and S. Korea writeoff action does,
      while the Aussie writeup is just wallpaper so that KO
      and San Miguel did not have to take a writeoff.
      Overall, less syrup will be sold by KO to

      >>>Dividend is greater than EPS, I might be wrong, but I
      think cash flow should be used instead of EPS. And that
      will draw a different conclusion. (canu?)

      There is a higher ratio of cash flow going to the
      dividend. But then again, many valuation ratios (ex:
      current ratio) have degraded substantially for 5-6 years
      now. The trend of these ratios is not a friend. But
      most are not looking at them.

      Only at First
      Call analyst estimates and bottler sales figures.

    • Why do you have to be

      >>>KO may grow 15% as Daft has said. After all, the man
      has had experience in growing Market share (even if
      canu would like to imply it was all smoke and mirrors)

      I only asked that one explain this terrific growth
      of the past 5-6 years. Post the yearly rev and
      earnings numbers and give the compounded growth. Is it
      much more than low to mid single digits?

      If one
      wants to "hope" for better future growth, let's not
      simultaneously ignore actual performance...

    • Maybe the P/E isn't just a mistake, as I
      orginally thought, after all. However, always thought that
      one-time charges/profits are never calculated in the P/E.
      Apple Computer, for example, has gotten big gains every
      single quarter for the last year or two off of selling
      stocks or other assets, and the one-time profits are
      never included in the P/E. Also, on CNBC and wherever
      else KO's earnings were reported, it seemed to me like
      the 22 cent profit was used as KO's real results;
      therefore, the P/E of 72 is in fact misleading (even though
      KO's real P/E is still higher than many people would
      like it to be).

    • RE: This guy has posted under various names over
      the past couple of years on the KO board. His message
      is always the same. KO Sucks. He continues to tell
      us how smart he has been by shorting KO and all the
      money he has made doing so. Big Lie. Get a life milk.
      Walk the dog, cut the grass, make love to your wife,
      drink an ice cold Coke. Go to the PEP board. GET


      1) Assuming that there is some validity to
      "Ignorance is bliss"...., you must be one happy

      2) Here's "the" deal for you, Dr. Duck......, I will
      bet you $1,000, giving you 10 to 1 odds that I have
      not used other names on this board or on the board on
      AOL. Thus, put your money where your mouth is....,
      uh..., on second thought forget about where your mouth
      has been..., just be willing to accept the offer and
      we will find a 3rd party to embrace the funds for
      future delivery to me.

      3) Please find ONE message
      here or on AOL which I have posted since September
      1999, that I have said or indicated that KO "sucks" as
      you so attractively put it.

      4) True, I have
      indicated that I began shorting KO about 6 months ago,
      which was about a year late. I also pointed out that my
      knowledge was proved to be unremarkable as I have always
      covered too early. My "bad".

      5) I, truly, feel
      sorry for your family and friends (well..., people who
      know of you)...., for someone to post the hateful
      thoughts as you have done reflects a deficiency of good
      character (the quantitative and qualitative measurement of
      how one treats and reacts to one's

      6) I suggest that you either sell your KO or just
      forget about it and revisit in 10 years, go out and look
      at a beautiful sunset, take a deep breath, and
      appreciate what you have, and...., above all......, attempt
      to treat those around you with kindness and respect.
      I think if you take this "medicine"..., you may
      lose some of the unattractive attitude you


      Michael Z.

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