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  • mattesq99 mattesq99 Jun 3, 2000 8:45 AM Flag


    and made more money in CSCO in 4 and a half days

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    • You can't use the pronoun "girl" that is sexist
      you must refer to all persons as gender
      "Little" is also a questionable choice of verbs, "
      vertically challenged." is a better choice.

    • isn't safe there anymore either.


    • Stirring up trouble again, I see (heh

      It's refreshing to finally see a new opinion on the KO

      Be careful; it's not safe here at the KO board (if
      you are ever in trouble, just go back to the PEP
      board - that's what I do).

    • Yes, like Willie said, shit happens!

    • policies and practices on dealing with staff
      discrimination claims. ogden 391 says that he/she feels KO is a my opinion, KO HR is it's own victim by not
      making sure their Management staff is properly trained
      in the field to effectively document an employees
      performance (regardless of race) to ensure they have all of
      their ducks in a row when individual personnel
      decisions arise; i.e. promotions, pay increases, or
      disciplinary action up to and including discharge.

      is all fine and good to have written policies that
      state a company has a zero tolerance level when it
      comes to discrimination (or whatever), however, the
      Management staff puts the company at risk if they ignore
      their basic responsibility to document an employees
      overall work performance to remove any claim by an
      employee that they were a victim of

      Example; Sally works as an Accounting Clerk at a
      distribution center. She is Black, over 40, and has been with
      the company for 8 years. Sally finds out that Jane
      (White, 32, 3 years on the job) has been selected for a
      position as the Accounting Supervisor which they both
      applied for. Sally freaks, and in her mind she was a
      victim of discrmination and files a claim with

      HR calls the Manager and asks for both Sally and
      Jane's personnel files. After reviewing the files, it
      comes to light that Sally has been late to work an
      average of 2 times a week and calls in sick on an average
      of 3 times a month. Her annual performance reviews
      simply noted these facts, and Sally continued to receive
      her full annual salary increases year after year by
      the Manager. Sally always makes a notation on the
      review how much she appreciates the increase in pay and
      how much she enjoys working for the Company.

      Jane on the other hand was never late to work, called
      in sick a couple of times a year, took advantage of
      the companies Tuition Reimbursement Program and
      attended Accounting classes at night for the past 3 years
      to finish her BA Degree in Accounting. Her annual
      performance reviews have always been glowing with positive
      statements made regarding her efforts to complete her

      So, you say this is a no brainer why Jane
      was selected for the top Accounting position over
      Sally...yes, you are correct, Jane was the hands down winner.
      But that is not the whole story...

      Manager never penalized Sally for her attendance, never
      documented how explosive and argumentative she was everytime
      she made an error in her accounting duties, or her
      uncooperative attitude toward the employees that had to turn in
      their daily delivery paperwork to her. He just did not
      want to deal with her, and when someone did complain
      about Sally, his standard reply was "you KNOW how she

      Well, of course Sally would assume it was a simple case
      of discrimination when she filed the claim. She has
      been coming to work for 8 years, her Manager never
      formally disciplined her for anything that was documented
      in her personnel file, and she clearly had seniority
      over Jane! What else could it be????

      Management practices maybe!!!! Even though Jane clearly was
      the right candidate for the promotion, the Manager
      gave Sally solid ground to file the discrimination
      charges. In her mind, she was a long term loyal employee
      without any adverse documentation in her personnel file.
      She was Black and a female over 40.

      What else
      could it be??????

      Conclusion: Sally retired
      early with a ton of KO's $$$$$.

    • "Lord knows that I am not for discrimination by
      race but I feel minorities have taken advantage of
      this. In my opinion, KO is a victim." I agree entirely
      that KO is a victim here; absolutely no argument to
      that. However, just because a few black people sue KO
      (I think the Cochrane lawsuit is only by 4 black
      women), it doesn't mean that everyone who is black sues
      frivosously. Just as many white people and all other people
      sue wrongfully, such as claiming false damages in a
      car crash (jacking up everyone's insurance rates).
      Just because a few black people are suing, it doesn't
      mean that all African Americans should be "sent back
      to Africa," or that all blacks are just lazy people
      leeching off of society. Lazy people come in all shapes,
      sizes, and colors.

      "I wish you didn't because I
      can't stand Rap. But, the First Amendment allows me to
      listen to John Denver and perhaps you can't stand him."
      I listen to rap, but I also listen to many other
      types of music. I have several friends who like to
      listen to rap, as well as musicals and classical music.
      Once again, just because some rap is violent, it
      doesn't mean that all rap is bad, just another
      stereotype; the vast majority of rap is not at all

      As for OJ, he was most likely guilty - but, it's not
      for us to decide. Our legal system is much superior
      to other countries' systems, even though there are
      always several cases every year of people being wrongly
      convicted or wrongly unconvicted. As for the death penalty,
      maybe it should be used when people are proven to be
      100% guilty, whether they admit guilt or through DNA
      testing. However, even on the news today, it showed how
      another person will be killed in Texas based on the
      testimony of one single witness, who could very likely be
      incorrect. It also showed someone who remained in prison for
      11 years until he was finally proven innocent,
      simply because of the insistence by the rape victim that
      that man was guilty. Death cannot be corrected; I, for
      one, would not want to live in a country who took
      innocent victim's lives, because then we are no better
      than any other country in the world.

      I may
      disagree with you on some of your beliefs, but I still
      wish you a great vacation. Have a great time!

    • Americans too. We agree that some blacks and some
      whites are racists. I would like to add that every race
      probably has some racists.

      We do not agree about
      amending laws. Laws should serve the needs of society and
      when they fail to do that, they ought to be done away
      with or amended.

      Lord knows that I am not for
      discrimination by race but I feel minorities have taken
      advantage of this. In my opinion, KO is a

      Have you ever watched John Stossel on ABC? He has a
      series of very good programs that are available on tape.
      As your school if they have the program "The Blame

      John Stossel does a much better job of explaining my
      position than I ever could. I guess that is why he works
      for ABC and I'm on a teacher.

      Most people
      fail because they are defective. I don't deny that
      discrimination plays a part but it is in the interest of
      business to promote the best people. Those that
      discriminate actually hurt their chances of success.

      As for outlawing Rap Music, you have First Amendment
      protections on that one. I wish you didn't because I can't
      stand Rap. But, the First Amendment allows me to listen
      to John Denver and perhaps you can't stand him.

      I feel we should amend the "right" to abortion.
      What crime has the fetus done to deserve to be

      The death penalty is another issue we disagree on.
      The world is better off without some people. That
      said, I understand mistakes are made and that is a
      reason to only use capital punishment when there is no

      As for the trial system, it was set up to
      find the truth. The O.J. Simpson trial was a perfect
      demonstration that the process has nothing to do with the
      truth. It is a game and the winner is the one who wins.
      What a system. Why don't they just play BlackJack and
      decide who is guilty?

      I'm gone for a week unless
      I visit a public library. Enjoy the last week(s) of
      the school year.

    • The details about when the African Americans
      moved here were not the point I was trying to make. I
      was just making the point that guru said, "GO BACK
      HOME," even though the African Americans' homes are in
      America. Blacks are just as much American as whites,
      except those blacks and whites who are racist; they are
      not true Americans.

      As for your comment: "I
      think we need to amend our laws," there's no way that
      we can pick and choose which laws to amend and which
      not to. Why should we amend the right to abortions
      and not the right to have the death penalty? Why
      should we amend the right to listen to rap music and not
      the right to guns? I have a good example of this from
      my French class today; my teacher asked the class
      what she should change for next year by making us
      write what we liked the most and disliked the most.
      Well, it turns out that everything had an equal number
      of supporters and dislikers; 5 supported reading
      stories, 6 disliked them; 2 liked the African studies
      section, 2 disliked it; 8 liked grammar the most, 6
      disliked grammar the most. Case in point: there are just
      as many Americans, if not more, who still believe in
      the right to a trial under any circumstances, and
      banning such trials would violate one of the most
      fundamental American laws, even if the trial system is being

    • examples of discrimination, he can always find
      it. At the same time, if someone is looking for
      examples of opportunity and success, he can find that
      too.There is no way a company can totally protect itself
      from these discrimination suits. These people are
      going to find what they are looking for and what really
      is happening is not the issue.

      As long as
      plaintiffs see they can make money and lawyers are feeding
      at the trough, these actions will continue. KO will
      have these problems until the lawyers think they have
      gotten as much as they can. Then they will move on to
      another company.

      In my opinion, this has little to
      do with right or wrong, the bottom line is our laws
      allow legal blackmail.

      KO just got slammed and
      will take more hits before it ends. I think we need to
      amend our laws.

    • Sorry, I didn't know you taught at a college; I
      thought you were a high school teacher (my

      Anyway, I hope you have an awesome vacation in New
      Jersey; it should be a "new experience." Actually, I've
      heard people who have gone to Atlantic City for
      vacation, even though I have never been there. That's a
      good enough vacation place.

      What do you think
      of the new lawsuit? The same arguments have been
      going ever since I came to the KO board 6 months ago.
      Will they ever stop?

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