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  • mikiesmoky mikiesmoky Jun 9, 2000 9:10 PM Flag


    Date: 02/18/2000 9:08 AM Pacific


    1) I have attempted over these past almost six
    months to explain as logically and objectively as I was
    able why KO was overpriced.

    2) Many did not
    appreciate my efforts, and one went so far as to suggest
    that I should have been shot instead of the gentleman
    in Los Angeles who was shot and killed as he exited
    his car after leading the police on one of "our"
    infamous car chases. Others have made rude comments.
    But........, there have been the few, even though they were
    "long" KO, who stated that they appreciated my efforts
    to bring perspective to the issue.

    3) On, at
    least, three (3) ocassions I reflected that while
    Merrill Lynch had placed KO on its "Focus1" list, a
    person at Merrill told me that their "technicians" hated
    KO. That fact, of course, was not included in
    Merrill's release.

    4) Months ago, perhaps 4 or 5,
    when KO was @ $56, I suggested that all should
    disregard the 33 points that KO had declined from its high
    mark and look at it anew as though 56 was the high.
    How would you have felt?? Great!!! Because KO was at
    its high. I, further, suggested that all take a good
    look at KO and conclude whether they would purhcase at
    the "lofty" price of $56. I suggested not.

    During the ensuing months, I gave, hopefully, logical
    and objective, commentary as to why KO was

    6) I was open enough to post to the Board when I was
    shorting and even when I had covered. If you recall...., I
    was jeered and laughed at as KO was making its move
    toward 69 and having "losing positions". I thought we
    were lucky that KO had made the run giving us the
    opportunity to short. Also..., if you recall......, I covered
    much too early!!! I indicated that while I covered...,
    that didn't mean that I would put on "longs" at those
    prices. I covered as I was hoping that on its way down,
    KO would be "choppy" and bounce from time to time to
    permit re-shorting. See!!! I told you that I did not
    have a crystal ball. I was looking for 60, again. The
    day it hit 58 1/8, intellectually, I felt that it
    should be "shorted", but I was stubbornly holding out
    for that bounce to 60ish.

    7) If the Merrill
    technicians hated KO before....., they now abhor the stock
    and are suggesting to the Focus1 committee that they
    had tried to tell them the situation.

    Fundamentally.........., KO is yet overpriced and will hopefully just
    "glide" to the 38 to 42 area (at least for a while....,
    to permit the dust to settle). Hopefully, it won't
    realize that it has landed at Denver..............., and
    is a mile too high!!

    9) Technically, KO looks
    pathetic and once it breaks the 12-month low, there is not
    much support.

    P.S., Remember your family's
    health and happiness is monumentally more important than
    the price of KO or any other asset!!!

    10:47EST, KO @ 51
    Subject: Re: 1/21/00 Shorted KO @ 66 1/2
    01/26/2000 1:34 PM Pacific

    TO: All

    early again!!! Covered 65 7/8 shorts @
    Subject: Re: WHAT MORE IS THERE TO SAY?????????
    02/18/2000 5:40 PM Pacific

    TO: Slyguy

    >Both of your posts are interesting to me.... In light
    of KO's fairly stable
    >finish compared to the
    DOW's loss of 300 points today, how do each of
    >feel about the stock's price going forward? Mikey do
    you really believe it
    >will fall to 38? Boma,
    you didn't mention the price you would enter
    >stock at. Your responses...

    Yes. Very difficult
    to see KO not falling to the 38 to 42 area. And,
    that is assuming that the funds and BRK do not

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    • You've made ME so happy! See why guns are bad? They stop you from voting for whom Rush tells you to!

    • You've made me so happy! But first I have a
      confession to make. I thought you should know!

      � 2000 Alabama Live, LLC

      Voter who hid gun in bathroom

      Hoover police have charged a woman who hid a gun in a
      Hoover Municipal Center bathroom while she voted in
      Tuesday's primary election.

      Sue W. known on the
      street as Oldman Ribber, a 52-year-old Hoover
      grandmother, was charged with carrying a gun without a permit
      and released on bond. Police arrested her Tuesday
      after a city employee found the gun. They didn't charge
      her then because she developed chest pains and went
      to St. Vincent's Hospital.

      She said Friday
      the .25-caliber automatic pistol belongs to her
      fiance, George Anselmo Sr., an auxiliary Jefferson County
      sheriff's deputy who went to vote with her. He took the gun
      from his car's glove compartment and she put it in her
      purse because he planned to take his car to a body
      shop, she said.

      The couple saw the metal
      detector and sign prohibiting guns in the City Council
      chambers, and Anselmo told her to take the gun back to the
      car, she said. He went to vote, and she went to the
      restroom and decided to hide the gun there while she
      voted, rather than walk back to the car, she said.

      Ms. W. climbed on top of a sink and hid the gun above
      a fluorescent light fixture, she said. The gun was
      loaded but had a safety lock, she said.

      "I'm not
      a pistol-packing mama. I'm a grandmother," she
      said. "I just went to vote."



    • I love you! You figured it out!

      It can't
      be that I would want to buy KO, since I would just
      contaminate it with my money (you don't want me to be an
      investor in KO just like you). Therefore, the only logical
      reason is that I just love you (that is, I love
      listening to your propaganda; it's almost as funny as the
      Greek's propaganda!).

    • I can't stand the suspense!! When are you buying KO? Or are you just hanging around cause you like us?
      Enquiring minds need to know.......


    • I'll tell you for the very last time, since you
      don't seem to understand.

      1) Selling a stock
      does not make somebody a traitor (because then nearly
      everybody would be a traitor, including HMCCPO).

      Daddy did not want his money back. He does not need to
      beg his children for money, like your dad has to do.

    • daddy wanted his money back,

    • "little Michael" sold his Pepsi stock because PEP went up 20% this year. Too bad I can't say the same about your company...

    • little michael sold all his poopsi stock, did daddy want his money back?

    • I am no longer a PEP shareholder, so no more
      whining that I support only PEP.

      I heard similar
      stories too. In fact, PEP drivers complained at the PEP
      board. The veteran drivers complain that the new Pepsi
      Bottling Group (PBG) has cut down on their routes and
      given them to cheaper younger drivers who do not care
      about their job. PBG is doing this to cut costs, since
      now it is independent from PEP, and since PBG is
      pressured to show growth. It does speak volumes about PBG,
      like you said. Unfortunately, that's what capitalism
      gets you; the bottom line is the only thing that

    • this week at the store, they had no idea I'm a KO
      shareholder and fan - they told me that their PEP plant is
      having a terrible time keeping drivers, moral is low and
      sales down. One of them has been with PEP 15 years, but
      is unhappy with the present state of mgnt. and is
      actually going to apply at Coca-cola, I found that
      interesting, it speaks volumes when a companies employees are
      jumping ship to their competitor. Interesting...

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