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  • oldman_ribber oldman_ribber Jun 25, 2000 9:26 PM Flag

    Michael-Just in

    ********Breaking News**********


    EXCLUSIVE: Administration officials watched nervously as
    President Bill Clinton worked his charm on a sexy young
    Olympic hopeful this weekend in southern

    Slick is at it again Michael. You can kiss algore's
    hinny bye-bye! hehehe


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    • Yours is a thoughtful post. We agree that all
      this is merely our respective opinions, hopefully
      tempered by experience. I understand our leaders are human
      and therefore always flawed to some degree. Some
      weaknesses in our leaders should not be acceptable, even
      when the same leaders have an excellent intellect or
      other strengths.

      Michael's post in reaction to
      yours seems to be too common; i.e., all politicians are
      [choose your pejorative], so why are we picking on
      Clinton. Several years back, a popular mayor in
      Washington, DC was convicted of cocaine use. Even though
      cocaine use was epidemic, and officials should have been
      doing everything possible to eliminate it, the top
      person was clearly part of the problem. Without
      overwhelming evidence, including videotapes played extensively
      on local TV, he would have been cleared of all
      charges by a jury selected from his liberal constituency.
      Upon his release from prison, his supporters met him
      with a bus caravan which reportedly partied back to
      DC. He was re-elected mayor shortly thereafter. As
      with the former DC mayor, I don't see Clinton's
      transgressions as a private matter, created by dogged enemies.
      Even with the certainty of DNA results, no punishment
      ensued. My continuing thoughts are: Is this the best we
      can do, or has the electorate become as cynical as
      Michael, and see it as necessary to simply choose one of
      their own without regard to the greater

      Bad things happen when good people become too
      complacent about such things.

      The leaders of other
      countries tend to react to our president based on their own
      interests, which may not coincide with ours. I realize this
      is often used to defend our president, but don't see
      their views as relevant. U.S. law was

      The lying and stonewalling that took place prolonged
      the work of Starr and others. It has not been a proud
      part of our history.

      I am sure we are both
      tiring of this topic. Take care.


    • ?????????????????????????????

    • "Bush Sr. was a jerk, Quayle an idiot, Clinton
      was atrocious and disgusting, most of those who
      persecuted him were hypocritical, Gore is shallow and weak,
      Bradley is an idealist, Bush Jr. a fool, and all of the
      independent candidates act like they're on

      -Quote by David Borenstein, on the politics of the

    • I, too, agree with much of what you have said, in
      theory. The problem for out society seems to be one of
      practicing the ethics we preach.

      Looking at history,
      our country's mores originated from a more
      Puritanical background. European cultures in many cases seem
      to have much less problem with what we consider to
      be a breach of professional ethics -- look at
      Clinton's reception by the European leaders during the

      Our country suffers from schizoid behavior. We preach
      morality, yet our political leaders, and in some cases our
      religious leaders, have quietly practiced behind closed
      doors behavior which would have landed others on the
      street or in jail.

      Do I think the country was
      hurt by the scandal? -- Of course. It was hurt by
      Clinton's poor role model, it was hurt by the incessant
      hounding of the press, and it was hurt by the relentless
      witch hunt conducted by Ken Starr and those who
      promoted his efforts. History will probably not record any
      of the details of this debacle kindly. And the scars
      may take some time to heal.


    • Staff reported on the most recent Morgan Stanley DW views.
      KO reiterated Neutral, raised '01 est.

    • Bloomberg Staff Retail Sector News.
      KO: case sales rise 3.5 percent to 4.5 percent.

    • those who think government largesse will always
      come from the other guy are kidding themselves. As
      Michael matures, and if he makes any reasonable attempt
      to understand the substantial differences between
      the two major political parties, he may start to
      understand many of the freedoms he prizes (e.g., more
      independence of thought and action, more freedom to take risks
      with some assurance of garnering any resultant
      rewards)are better protected by republicans.

      He may
      begin to understand why the "all politicians are alike"
      defense is a poor substitute for in-depth


    • "he/she" refers to the universe of those you
      support, some male, and some female perhaps, but all
      democrats and liberals.

      Maybe you should re-consult
      those who have so hopelessly brainwashed you to see if
      they can provide better arguments for you to parrot.
      Those you persist in using now are stale and falling
      flat. They make me a bit embarrassed for


    • thanks john...i knew you could/would deliver....much appreciated!!

    • For everything you eveer wanted to know about the Supremes......


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