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  • elitecrete1 elitecrete1 Sep 11, 2007 2:27 PM Flag

    We finally have a bid

    AUTO willing to pay 4.26 for 4400 shares

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    • Elite,
      I'll fess up, that was me buying a few shares today.

      Your post on the COGT board intrigued me, so I started my due diligence, and quickly realized this is the kind of play I like. Low expectations, low valuation, strong financials, large insider ownership, and and several potential opportunities that could move the stock in the not too distant future. The small float and thin trade looked like a negative (at least for buying in), but the market maker is doing his job, as I was able to establish my initial position without moving the stock much. The alternative theory would be a patient seller who is selling into any strength, but I don't think so.

      The buyback is another positive, as it should put a floor under the stock around $4 removing at least some of the market risk.

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      • YOU were the whale

        Glad to have a knowledgable guy like yourself following along on this one. Nothing gets ones attention like having a horse in the race. I appreciate your eyes and mind being here.

        It seems that every day a new piece falls into the Aware puzzle. Today we have a fourth Govt agency doing a sole-source buy. Thanks again to stockman17 for the find.

        Don't you find it curious that MP never acknowledges my posts on the COGT board??

    • Good advice indeed for the layman.

      Never say never though. In rare cases, a friend or family member can, and occassional does, offer much better advice than they guys who get paid for it.

      Like I said before, with what I know now, I will not put them in it.

    • About all I can keep doing for myself now is to continue rolling the dice and "buying the rumor" based on the info I have. I have asked some very specific questions and so far have not recieved so much as even a courteous reply or even an acknowledgement. Very unprofessional, IMO.

      I've lots of dry gun powder, but I've been burned before on this kind of thing. I'm not about to get my friends and family burned until I see some sort of gesture of good faith and respect for Aware shareholders.

    • Do you think we see an event over the next days that pushes us over the edge. Or do you think my dull view of the world may prevail ???

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      • I came here because I thought all hell was about to break lose on the Biometric side.

        As an example...COGT just settled with NOC on a very bitterly disputed lawsuit. COGT has 450$ mil in cash with no debt. We know that certain overlapping COTS Aware software is superior to COGTS. Doesn't it just make common sense that COGT would want to buy it? IF not COGT, what about L-1 or Cross Match? They're all there together at the show today thru thursday.

    • And just like that, somebody hit his bid. WTF?

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