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  • radiofreeframingham radiofreeframingham Feb 4, 2013 4:40 PM Flag

    Are Helpbash, Savedoneamen, Socksdog and Toobadurnutsbud all the same person?

    Helpbash, Savedoneamen, Socksdog and Toobadurnutsbud all sound like the same person defending AWARE and making the same comments about FD and his not reinvesting the dividends. Your comments are childish and boring and serve no useful purpose. I am not FD posting under another name. I agree with most of what he writes as he is merely telling the truth. Most of the people who post on the Aware YMB wants the stock price to go up especially FD. It is obvious he is long Aware. Hoping for some good news soon on Hybrid Audio LLC. TQ Delta and Daphimo LLC are both enigmas that Aware stockholders are left to guess about.

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    • They appear to be John Stafford's attempt at Investor Relations. Six stooges meant to mislead investors by directing attention to the 6 ounce mouse in the room while the 800 pound gorilla dances the mambo.

      I think Cal's strategy is the best. Mgmt has spoken, by not speaking. There is no material information to disclose about Hybrid Audio LLC. Therefore sell your shares. If we find later that the material information has been withheld, we file suit against the company. Shareholders have been abused by Mr. Stafford's refusal to provide any means by which our investment can be valued. While at the same time he has full view. His decision to continue to hold his stock or to sell it is made with clear view of value. I am completely in the dark.

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