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  • radiofreeframingham radiofreeframingham Feb 7, 2013 12:57 PM Flag

    Some Things Never Change

    Just checked and I have been posting on the YMB under the same name (one and only) since January 2004. Over the past nine years I have been waiting for Aware to deliver and have remained an optimist. Then and now the management of the company has dragged their feet in releasing information to shareholders. Some things never change. Based on the Hybrid Audio LLC settlements and insider stock purchases in 2012 I expect great results from Hybrid Audio LLC and am hopefull that Aware will net $200 million to $300 million. If I had any more money I would be buying the stock.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • There is no question Aware management are crooks of the highest degree. They did everything they could to buy back shares at $2.60 or so fully realizing they were sitting on a patent gold mine. They have gone through great lengths to hide value from the shareholders hoping they would let go of their shares. The only way to find out what is going on is to file a lawsuit. Privot is the only shareholder that can do it. Privot has tried to reason with Aware management but they just tell Privot to go pound sand. This company is a prime example of the complete inadequacy of the disclosure laws. I am pretty sure Aware management has surrounded themselves with iron clad protections so any lawsuit will not hurt them in the slightest personally.

      fd, as usual, you hit the nail right on the head. As an investor, I have no idea whether the lack of disclosure is due to another failure to execute or another horrible business decision or an attempt to make the company look as bad as possible to induce more selling of shares. We really have no idea what is going on with Aware. All of us are really investing blind and the company has no interest in shedding any light on the situation. I have a hard time believing there are legitimate investors as clueless as dog, nuts, bash and ed. They must have some ulterior agenda. No one is that dense.

      Bottom line, either Privot steps up and files a lawsuit to clear the air or we are doomed to continue to hold the shares in the dark. I'm not sure how much longer I am willing to do that.

    • Aware has always been this small company with the potential large scale IP application and we have been waiting for them to announce how they finally have cashed in on their brainiac patent portfolio for decades.

      It never came for DSL, and eventually the business faded into the sunset. It never came for biometrics, and we can argue about whether or not it is fading now.

      At this stage, I have to believe we have not heard anything about HA, because it is nothing. Afterall, we got a PR about biometric projects that didin't even deliver a blip of new revenue.

      DO you really think the price could languish the way it is if there was a big benefit in the bag for HA? No way. As soon as one person knows the value, the cat will somehow get out of the bag. And this has dragged on for months. In addition, do you think Stafford is going to show that he withheld important information from shareholders for so long?

      If there was something to come from HA, its apparently not coming to Aware's shareholders. If there was value, we are going to have to find out where it went.

      From my experience with Aware, the frustration has always been that they haven't made an announcement, because there was nothing to tell. Or was it that they just didn't want to tell their shareholders?

    • Thanks, Radio. AGREE.

      The HA patent is the "industry esential patent". They can sue everyone under the sun. Not big from one company but the nickles wlll add up.

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