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  • souvies123 souvies123 Feb 10, 2008 1:17 PM Flag

    Back on track

    NCR is getting back on track.
    I don't understand why most everyone on this board is complaining about how bad NCR is and now saying NCR needs a union. WHAT FOR?
    Good companies that treat their people right don't need a union to steal the money from their pay.
    I think this is a small number of the CE population. I am happy to have a job that cares so much about me.
    Some of the differences between my last job and NCR include better pay, company provided car, and good managers that care.

    Support NCR put you money back into the company. NCR is getting back on track.

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    • 123 your enthusiasm for the company has been shared by many over the years. Even by me long ago. Unfortunately any enthusiasm you have is not shared by NCR. Only taken advantage of. Case in point. Several yrs ago I went into emergency surgery on Dec 24. It took me a month before I was released by the doc to return to work. The Friday before the Monday that I was supposed to return my TM called and told me that I was being let go. Turns out I was one of 15 in the territory ONLY because NCR lost a measley $3 million in contracts! Fifteen people let go over $3 million from a company that allegedly makes billions.

      So THAT my friend is how much YOUR career is worth to NCR.

    • I don't go into anything with an in-and-out mindset so right now the answer to your question is yes, I do see myself making this into a career. This does not mean that I will not try to better myself but I enjoy the interaction with our customers among other things this company has to offer.

    • 123, and Knew I am just curios if you two plan to make NCR a career. Or plan to just be short timers?

    • knew-where did i say i would never go the extra mile?? i constantly "go the extra mile" for this comppany. i just make sure i get paid for it now. and what would be wrong with taking a better offer from another company? what do you think the company does when they hire new people at $12-$14 hour? same difference. and no-ncr doesn't offer the best package of all the companies in our field. they never have. their goal is to be at the average compensation. has your manager never gone over that with you? i do in all fairness have to say they have one of the best 401k offerings. ibm has a much better health care plan. unisys has a much better pay and availability plan. but again--if you would ask any manager i have ever had they would tell you i go over and above most every day. that is why i was one of the highest paid ce's in my area. there was a reason for that. and now it is just like a union-everyone makes the same no matter how well you do. and if the company wanted to be so competetive why not cut all salaries??

    • Still, it sounds like NCR still offers the most competitive total compensation package to CE's even with the changes that they did the last 5 to 10 years. You can't blame a company for wanting to be competitive. I recommend you go back and read your post and try to put yourself in another employees shoes. In one breath you are saying you will never go the extra mile for the company, and in another breath you say you would leave if something better comes along? How do you think hard working and caring employees feel about you? I know how the regulars feel. Lord knows, everyone does because all they do is post. My point has always been that you have a choice. My other point is that this is a great company in a very competitive industry. These are facts we can not allude and realities that every US company faces today.

    • 123-many of the things taken away over the last 5 years--i.e retirement health benefits and pension freezes-were things promised to us for many years. i also respect your right to post your opinion here. we may agree to disagree on many things but that is ok by me. i respect your attitude. i can't respects knew's attitude of if you don't like it leave. what i wonder now is where will the company stop?? is vacation next? who is to say they will decide no one can have more than 2 weeks of vacation a year? we are already told we have to have our vacation planned out for the whole year by january and that it has to be spread evenly throughout the year. i continue to work hard as i always have and will continue to do so. it is my work ethic and always will be. the difference now is that i give nothing away. any time spent doing ncr business i get paid for. if i am off and someone calls me for help because they don't know how to fix something i charge the company for my expertise. and i will have the same loyalty to the company they have to me. anf if i find something else that i like i better i will be gone. And if a manager tells me "ncr needs you" and asks me to work over for that reason i will have to laugh and probably tell that person i need the 15K they took and the $1000/month less i will get in my pension when i retire. but again 123- we can disagree but still get along here.

    • I never counted on a pension. People my age do not even know what a pension is nomo. What companies offer pensions today? None is the answer. They are long gone in the commercial sector. Only the government sector has pension plan and they probably won't last either. Who knows, social security may not even be around when I turn 60. I was not out to insult you as you chose to do me. You have an opinion and I do not agree. I believe we all have a duty to support the company we work for or find another company. I just do not understand why all the complaining. You have a choice and I guess it is to stay at NCR and complain 100% of the time. It is too bad.

    • Still, Don't let them get to you, if you had lived your life with your head up your ass like knew has, it's no wonder the world and NCR look so good to him when he finally figured out how to pull it out. If you think we are negative then put us on ignore, you obviously haven't so you must be getting something from what we say. Just keep that little kid attitude and keep NCR affloat I like the pension check I get. Oh you won't ever get one of those Knew cause NCR screwed you and every other active employee out of it.

    • What planet did you say you are from?

    • "Good companies that treat their people right don't need a union to steal the money from their pay.
      I think this is a small number of the CE population. I am happy to have a job that cares so much about me."
      Obviously you were someone that didn't take a 20% plus paycut after not having a raise in 3 years. on top of about 50% more work. otherwise why would you think the company really cares about you??

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