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  • storm76541 storm76541 Mar 11, 2010 3:53 PM Flag



    Will all you losers who ncr fired and cant find a job still be posting?

    just curious, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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    • deft--I don't see the dvd rentals machines as the next big thing. I work on them and can't see how they will make that much money. We supply the machines, we buy the movies, and blockbuster supplies the name. We have to pay the people to put the movies in every week. I see the future in this area as downloading straight to your dvd player over the net. I see too many po'ed workers that reflect a negative attitude. The customers see this. We are losing customers to other service organizations because ncr doesn't want to pay any better than the average companies. Well those average companies will do it cheaper. When the company started hiring the cheaper labor our service has gone downhill. I just don't see alot of upside right now. If you look at the financials our revenue hasn't increased much at all. The only way the company is doing that well it seems is to cut expenses. Well you can only cut so much. I don't see it anywhere near $20 by year end. I guess time will tell..

    • stillncr:

      Just wondering why you are not seeing NCR as a good investment right now? Of course, buying in the $9s back in December was a better entry point than today in the high $13s, but since this will likely be a $20++ stock by the end of the year, what's not to like?

      Objectivity..... There's not many equities I can think of that were a good investment if purchased between 2-3 years ago. No surprise there. Do you look at many 2+ year charts??

      NCR will be a winner from here after the pension fund issues are put behind them. Great balance sheet; overly trashed stock; most problem are behind it.... not much to dislike, here.

      Just one man's opinion.

    • storm-what an idiot you are. As far as an investment-Ncr has not done as well as many other investments. especially if you look over the last 5 years. If you are putting all you eggs in ncr I wish you luck. I will be retired and you will still have to be working because your portfolio couldn't keep up..And obviously you know nothing about most of the posters on this board. Many are current employees hoping that things will get better within the company.

    • Um, I think the laugh's on you. Keep riding this dog and the only thing that will double is fleas. Good Luck!

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