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  • yaaahore yaaahore Apr 18, 2013 4:17 PM Flag

    16/sh after April 30th.

    The Guardians was a major flop, released during the holiday, which should depicts revenue for Q1. Expecting fall back to $16/sh, and will linger around 15-16 til June, may get a rally to $17 after Turbo. But disappoingting numbers and in conjunction with lack of movies lineup for 2nd half of 2013 and early 2014 will cause, perhaps early exit even before the release of Turbo in June. I think the smart and saavy buyers will exit before Turbo release. Those who stay around after, may see the wrathe of massive exits or the poor outcome of Turbo/along with massive exit. So, plan for exit has to be between now and the release of Turbo.

    Evitably this stock is heading to $12 by xmas.

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    • Latest filings as of 3/31:

      10 institutions added to their posistion
      677532 shares bought

      11 institutions decreased their positions
      49600 shares sold

      Difference of +627932 shares .I don't think this is going to see 15-16. There is much more in play than just the movie releases...

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • the endless pumping of longs, upgrades and articles, boosting how this company which in negative revenue, cutting jobs, and almost nonexistent movie lineup for almost 9 straight months. What they are trying to do is to raise stock price to a certain level, so they can safely exit without much damage. WE all know it is invevitable that Dow/SP500 will plummet eventually. WE all know that Q1 for DWA is a disaster, and we all know the fate of DWA after June release of Turbo following 9 months of no movies.
        Just shameless pumping right now.....short all you can at these levels; it is unjustified.

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