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  • mamabearsucks mamabearsucks Jul 21, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    Coming In Below Guardians

    does not bode well. Guardians at least has something to drive it the next 4 weeks (xmas, so it kept it relevant).

    Be very interesting to see how much it drops off in this next week, and particularly next weekend.

    At this point, does not look like it will crack $100 mil domestic unless it stays in theaters a LONG time.

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    • Very poss. But i really dont think so, but im only one person like yourself w/h a opinton...right

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I had to check, and Guardians stayed in theaters until April (!!!) to hit the $100 mil mark.

        Little harder to comp the two given it's summer so weekdays should be a bit better for Turbo than Guardian from now on, but I also think that the holiday theme of Guardian gave it a reason to be seen for the 4 weeks leading into xmas. There is no driver behind Turbo now. Instead it will get faced with Smurfs 2 (which is probably going to be weak), and now Disney is starting up its marketing machine for Planes.

        I just don't see Turbo adding to the bottom line of DWA, at least via the theater route. Who know what NFLX is paying DWA for the Turbo animated series. NFLX can't be too pleased unless Turbo gets some legs. Or they didn't pay a whole lot.

        At best Turbo gets to breakeven, which if course is not what anyone was looking for. I think by the end of the next 4 weeks after release, it will probably have only grossed $70 mil, maybe $80.

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