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  • kevinvests kevinvests Sep 23, 2013 10:10 AM Flag

    On its way back to $16 by March 2014

    Possibly BK filing after the release of "Me and My Shadow" in March of 2014. Who were they trying to fool? 8 months of no NEW release following "Turbo" only the second worse film in the history of DWA, and this turd has been trading in the peak of 2 year high?!!!
    The downgrade happens right before Q3 conference, gee perfect timing to make themselves look good. I've been telling everyone this for the last month. Q3 will be horrific and Q4 will be even scarier, total annual revenue will miss by $200 million (out of $744 mil analyst estimate).

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    • Why do you only talk about box office? DWA is onto much bigger and better things. You're missing part of the picture.

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      • because the box office is their major income (look at the earnings report, where is most of their incomes coming from?. #1 new release, #2 rentals of older movies. Thos two categories alone comprises of 75-80% of their income, new releases accounts for 50-60% of their income-- it means makes it or breaks it for the company. The Awesome TV, Nickelodeon, and Netflix BS are just peanuts-- in fact, these are new business ventures that we don't even know if they will even able to make any profits. Even if there are profits, these will not be recongizable until years from now.

        But before you jump 2-3 years down from now and talk about how ntlx, nick, awesome TV are gonna make any profits, you have to think of what is happening in the immediate future that needs attention. $200 mil in debt, little or no cash left, just borrowed another $300 mil to prevent loan default, flopped that last film Turbo before 8 months of NO NEW release, and wait for "ME and my Shadow" in March of 2014. What if "Me and My Shadow" flops???? I smell BK filing if it does.

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