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  • xds58 xds58 May 8, 2014 3:44 PM Flag

    more discussion

    the other board was getting cluttered

    "However, it is again wrongheaded to believe that the right-of-way is a binary outcome for the company."

    How do you figure? I mean, true, it doesn't mean the project is dead, but it's another year of doing nothing, with additional risk of denial, right?

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    • The next major item to consider is getting electricity to the project site so that the water can be pumped from underground to the CRA.
      They will have to pay SCE to run a power line, which could cost $ 50 million or more, or they will build their own onsite generation plant.

      The SCE option will also take many years to get the new power lines processed through the legal system for ROW's and other challenges as they always come up when the power company wants to run new power lines.

      The on-site power plant will most likely take at least two years to get a permit from the California Energy Commission, CEC. Then, once permitted it will take them at least another two years to build the plant.

    • also, you mentioned rising $/acre/ft - I don't doubt that's true, but what are you basing on specifically? Do you have any numbers on current pricing?

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      • It looks like power will be generated on site and transmission is close by already:

        "With at least 285 days of sun per year, a reliable water source, and proximity to an approved energy transmission corridor, our property in the Cadiz Valley is an ideal location for solar energy production. The State of California and the U.S. government have called for increased renewable energy production in order to meet our future energy needs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut our reliance on foreign oil. In fact, California has mandated that 33% of the state’s electricity be acquired from renewable energy sources by 2020. Federal and State government entities, along with environmental organizations, are also drafting legislation and encouraging regulations that would support solar energy development on private, disturbed land to minimize impacts to undisturbed desert lands. We believe that our properties, which offer existing roads, housing, and other infrastructure, could help meet the demand for additional renewable power resources in California. Depending on various factors, we could make up to 20,000 unused acres at our Cadiz Valley property available for solar energy development."

    • PS - I have to chuckle at your energetic response regarding water purity - I could care less - it's the MWD you have to worry about

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